Help! Cover options for new book.

As I am about to publish Sheriff of the Eternal Law I have a problem to solve. I have a selection of covers for my book which I would like your opinion on please.

Sheriff of the Eternal Law
Book two – Sequel to It is the Demon in Me

Deanna is beginning to see just how much work her new position is going to take.
With the world facing an alarming and highly unusual attack, on a number of innocent victims around the world, Deanna finds that she must take part in the investigations.
As she realizes that a rogue group of Vampires are responsible she must work with both the human investigators and the Vampire League Elders to find the culprits.
But to make her life even more complicated a Screecher delivers a message during a coven meeting and she must find out where it came from and who the girl is she must help before it is too late.
She is still learning to control her powers and what she can do with them, and she hasn’t yet learnt the extent of them. Can she save the girl before it’s too late and find out which Vampires killed the humans? Can she find the answers she seeks without having to ask Grandfather for help?

And the possible book covers? Well here they are, let me know what you think. Please not that where it says Book One on two of the covers won’t be there on the final cover as it is actually book two.