V-Wars & More Coming to Netflix this December

Well, there are definitely some who’d’a thunk it’s in this batch -Ian Somerhalder in V-Wars (a show about vampires). With some returning favs, some highly anticipated new adaptations and probably a whole heap of Christmas shows (that won’t get mentioned here) in between, lets take a look at what’s coming our way next month (I ain’t saying it! It’s too soon)

  • V-Wars
  • Virgin River
  • 6 Underground
  • The Witcher
  • Lost In Space Season 2
  • You Season 2
V-Wars, Virgin River, 6 Underground -Netflix in December

Let’s start with V-Wars

Vampire Diary’s favourite, Ian Somerhalder is donning a white lab coat and looking into a virus released through melting ice (because of climate change, obviously) in V-Wars.

V-Wars also stars Kyle Breitkopf, who you might remember from Wonder, Adrian Holmes from The Cabin in the Woods, Jacky Lai who was Aline in Shadowhunters, Peter Outerbridge from The Umbrella Academy and Saw VI, and Kimberly-Sue Murray who you’ll remember from Killjoys and The Lizzie Borden Chronicles.

The disease spreads quickly and turns it’s victims into vampires, pitting two friends against each other. But there’s no trailer yet -I’ll add it as soon as I see it 😉

Virgin River -Based on the Novels

This is a romantic drama -I know, I know, not very normal for this site but I spotted another familiar face from Vampire Diary’s and The Originals, Daniel Gillies!

This series is based on the original novels by Robyn Carr (of which there are 20, apparently) and centers around Melinda Monroe who moves to the town to work as a nurse practitioner, soon discovering the town isn’t all that it seems.

With a total of ten episodes this show is expected on the 6th of December and could be bingable in one weekend. And there’s already a strong possibility of a second season. A romantic drama that doesn’t involve snow, baubles, jingle bells, or any of that Christmas mushy (slushy?) stuff.

6 Underground -Highly Anticipated & Starring Ryan Renolds

Okay, so given how much we all love Ryan Renolds and his more recent successes it’s hard to ignore the trailers and the news when it comes up that he’s doing another film. You have to at least give it a little of your attention because you’re probably going to want to watch it.

This time he has been teemed up with Adria Arjona (Good Omens), MĂ©lanie Laurent (Inglorious Basterds), Ben Hardy (Mary Shelley), Dave Franco (Now You See Me), Corey Hawkins (King: Skull Island), and Manuel Garcia-Rulfo (The Magnificent Seven).

Six untraceable agents, bury their pasts so they can save the future. Each of them the very best at what they do, are brought together by their leader (played by Renolds). With erased pasts they will leave a visible mark on the future.

The Witcher

Well, you’ve seen me mention this one a few times in the monthly roundups as we waited for the release date. And now we know!

Staring Henry Cavill as solitary monster hunter Geralt of Rivia, he struggles to find his place in a world where humans are wickeder than beast. You can find out more on IMDb here.

Lost In Space Season 2 is Upping the Ante

The first season had the family crash land on an alien planet and have to fight for their survival in an unknown and dangerous world. And we will be getting season 2 on December 24th -perfect for watching whilst…no I am not mentioning it yet, it’s too soon, you’ll have to just put the words you know I was going to write in with the power of your own mind.

With season 1 ending on a cliffhanger, the family have been zapped to a new planet and is promised to ‘be much bigger than then first season’ -Toby Stephens. More danger, more adventure, and more unexpected discoveries.

You Season 2

The first season was unexpected and twisted, the second season is coming to Netflix on December 26th -something to watch with the leftovers to hand.

With Penn Badgley set to return, the new series is set in LA with a whole new cast, including Victoria Pedretti who you may remember from The Haunting of Hill House. Playing the grieving love interest, she is a chef disenchanted with social media when she meets Joe. And those little tangles of unfinished business from his past could come back to disrupt his fresh start at any moment.

So, what will it be -Vampires, Romance, or Other Worlds?

Whether you’re itching to dive into The Witcher, V-Wars, or Season 2 of Lost in Space, there’s seems to be a lot of eye candy coming your way from Netflix this December.