March 2020 Sign by Sign | Daemon Tarot

Everything you want is in front of you and The Daemon Tarot’s monthly messages are here to offer a little guidance of what you might encounter or should consider this month. Just a little heads up -have a great month.

You may notice this month that some cards are repeated for some signs, after every pull I replace the card back in the deck and reshuffle so each card that comes out has the same chance to be the one pulled. And each card is interpreted for that sign and that draw so you may find a little difference in the predication too.

**For Entertainment Purposes Only – I’m not trying to sell your soul**

Daemon Tarot

Your Daemon Tarot for the Month of March

The Tarot Cards for Aries to Cancer

Aries March 21st to April 19th | Abraxas -You may have been feeling, or start to feel this month, that you’re not seeing the big picture. That perhaps something is beyond your grasp or being kept hidden from you. It could even be that someone is not telling you the whole truth -skipping the bits they don’t want you to know.

Taurus April 20th to May 20th | Furfur -You could be feeling particularly passionate about something or someone this month, whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on your other emotions. Bonds could be strengthened but beware of exacting your revenge out of passionate need, the consequences may be greater than you intended this month.

Gemini May 21st to June 20th | Furfur – Focus on your relationships this month, build bonds but don’t force them, be passionate but not possessive and let the relationship grow. You may find triangles and the number 26 relevant this month and either you or another might have difficulty sharing the truth. But take care when your passion is fueled by anger that you don’t allow it to walk you into destruction.

Cancer June 21st to July 20th | Bael -Is the person behind the title worth the esteem or is it all for show? Titles can show a persons achievements or status but they can also be used by the not so innocent to lead you to believe they are a person of standing. Who is trying to mislead you with their status? The numbers 66 and 3 could be relevant this month, as well as cats and frogs. If you kiss the frog will he become a prince?

When you drop the idea of predicting the future, you start to experience the cards as a mirror of the psyche. That`s when playing with the tarot becomes a path to wisdom.

Philippe St Genoux

What’s Coming for Leo to Scorpio

Leo July 23rd to August 22nd | Beelzebub -As tempting as it is, eavesdropping on someone else conversation could be a bad move this month. You could learn something you didn’t want to know or something you shouldn’t that might become a burden to carry.

Virgo August 23rd to September 22nd | Witch’s Round -3 could be a dominant feature this month, whether it’s a number you see on repeat, 3 friends, or 3 days. Things might come in threes but in a powerful way that lifts the spirits and makes you want to dance and leap with joy. Your power and creativity are on the rise and celebration on its way.

Libra September 23rd to October 22 | Cali -Change is coming so don your armour, your golden necklace of skulls, and face everything head-on and with clear intent. Good or bad, you will be victorious on the other side of change.

Scorpio October 23rd to November 21st | Alocer -Look to your stars, astrology, and logic to map your way this month. A clear head and a clear path will see you rise as you battle through this month as if you were on campaign.

Playing with the tARoT is an art that enables you to see what you didn`t see before.

Philippe St Genoux

Daemon Tarot for Sagittarius to Pisces

Sagittarius November 22nd to December 21st | Alocer -This card always reminds me of King Robert in Game of Thrones, a bawdy sense of humour, ruddy cheeks, and a booming voice he appreciates the treasures he conquers with the enthusiasm of a Viking warlord. And so should you this month, celebrate your achievements and strive forward into new territories -but don’t forget, check the stars’ alignment and plan carefully.

Capricorn December 22nd to January 19th | Barbatos -Expect to find what is lost. This might not come simply and may require time spent in nature or with animals but the answers will come.

Aquarius January 20th to February 18th | Ganga-Gramma -Be careful of leaping into an opportunity before you have all the facts. It may seem like a great idea but you could end up being the sacrificial lamb.

Pisces February 19th to March 20th | Nybbas -A month for dreaming, relaxing daydreams and visions of the future. Whether they are waking dreams you are striving towards or the kind that visits you in your sleep, pay close attention to what crops up as you may find surprising answers you hadn’t considered before.

Daemon Tarot Cards

The Daemon Tarot Cards

A daemon tarot deck by Ariana Osborne and illustrated by Louis Breton. Based on Collin De Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal.