Baghead – Twisted Short Horror | KT Review

Winner of the filmmaking initiative The Pitch, Lorcan Reilly (writer) and Alberto Corredor (director) had to pitch their project, Baghead, as part of the competition to ShortsTV and TriForce judges. They weren’t the only ones and they faced stiff competition. But they snagged the opportunity to make their film with the help of ShortTV experts.

And it’s winning awards at festivals, follow on Twitter for more details and to follow the journey.


Haunted by grief and with questions only the dead can answer, Kevin’s search takes him to an unremarkable location where he is introduced to a shape-shifting witch. In the back of a grotty rundown pub, her ability to channel the dead may provide Kevin with the answers he seeks. 

Starring Oliver Walker (Atlantis, Lake Placid vs Anaconda), Natalie Oliver (Immure), Julian Seager (Death Race 4: Beyond Anarchy, Poldark), Pat Boothman, and Tama Phethean (Boys Behind Bars, The Big Date: Anneka & Andrew). 


Baghead Review Conclusion

I would watch it again – Brilliant! Not at all what I was expecting. Loved the location and the interaction between the characters. And you think the location is going to be the darkest part but once he’s face to face with the witch….well! Even I jumped. A Heads-Up: If you are heading to one of the festivals (listed below) and get the opportunity to see it, don’t leave before the end of the credits.

4.5 Stars

You can catch the full film at the festivals below:


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