Britannia | Dirk Gently | The Good Place | January Roundup

January Roundup

So, how are all those resolutions going? You lost any weight yet? Stopped drinking so much coffee? Actually gone to the gym as often as you swore you would on New Year’s Eve? Nope, me either. But I can highly recommend a book I wrote that will may (no promises) help you get everything you desire in just ten days, provided you are willing to offer your soul in return (You’ll miss out on the good place). Yes, I’m still trying to pay off Christmas and you buying a copy of The Soul Game will go a small way towards me to paying off little Timmy’s 24inch Frameless Gaming Monitor.

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Totally given up on making any personal improvements and just looking for something to slob in front of the TV to and not think about your life? Don’t worry, I got you covered there as well. Read on for your binge watch series, catch up essentials, and whats coming next month. 

TV Land: Britannia, Dirk Gently, The Good Place

So glad Lucifer is back, watched Britannia in three days (I had to do some work), and boy have I missed The Good Place -they aren’t half in a bit of a pickle now. I’ve also read that Riverdale is going to have an episode based on Carrie’s prom scene, should be an interesting watch but not sure which season that will show in.

The Good Place
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  • Agents of SHIELD – No exact date or time on E4
  • McMafia – BBC1 1st Jan
  • Lucifer Season 3b -Amazon Prime 2nd Jan
  • The Blacklist Season 5 – Sky 1 2nd Jan
  • The Good Place Season 2b – Netflix 5th Jan
  • Dirk Gently Season 2 – Netflix 5th Jan
  • Star Trek: Discovery Season 1b – Netflix 8th Jan
  • Vikings Season 4b – History 9th Jan
  • Bull Season 2 – Fox 12th Jan
  • The Gifted Season 1b – Fox 14th Jan
  • Britannia – Sky Atlantic 18th Jan
  • Riverdale Season 2b – Netflix 18th Jan
  • Black Lightning – Netflix 23rd Jan

The Good Place

Finally, we get to see what the bad place really looks like, sort of. New episodes weekly on Netflix.

Dirk Gently

On Netflix now – do I honestly need to say anything else about this?

Movie Land

  • Molly’s Game – 1st Jan
  • Hostiles – 5th Jan
  • Insidious: The Last Key – 12th Jan
  • The Commuter – 19th Jan
  • Downsizing – 24th Jan
  • Maze Runner: The Death Cure – 26th Jan
  • The Open House – Netflix Original 19th Jan
  • Sharknado 5: Global Swarming – Netflix January

Upcoming for February 2018:

With the new season of iZombie, and the amazing looking Altered Carbon with James Purefoy (admitting to a small crush on Mr Purefoy), February is looking like a month to stay in.

On TV for February in the UK:

  • Save Me – No exact Date yet, Sky Atlantic
  • Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 – No exact Date yet, Netflix
  • Altered Carbon – 2nd, Netflix (This looks soooo Good)
  • The X-Files Season 11 – 5th, Channel 5
  • Jamestown Season 2 – 9th, Sky One
  • Stargate Origins Season 1 – 15th, Stargate Command (online)
  • The Tick Season 1b – 23rd, Amazon Prime
  • The Walking Dead Season 8b -26th Fox
  • iZombie Season 4 – 27th, Netflix

Movies for February:

  • Winchester – 2nd February
  • Fifty Shades Freed – 9th February (Only putting it on because I know we’ll all watch it, despite how bad we know it’s going to be, just on the off chance)
  • Black Panther -13th February
  • The Shape of Water – 14th February
  • Dark River – 23rd February