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A Dark Comedy

Spent pays homage to ’40s era dark comedy with a story about a miserly husband who is on his death bed and a wife and son who spend freely in his absence. But a miracle occurs. He isn’t going to die. And his savings account is dangerously low on funds. Will they be able to solve their problem before he finds out?

Starring Sally Anderson, Darren Barzegar (When Life Gives You Lemons), Erin Harth, Sonya Kalian, Connie Lamothe (Day of the Gun), Janna Livingston (The Fourth Question), Nataly Martin (Day 36), Joe Mayes, Nathan McDonald, Madeline Mikitarian, Nick Nerangis (A Little off the Top), Hannah Overholtzer, Anna Grace Padgett, and Tony Villa.

Spent **Spoilers Ahead**

All those poor squirrels! An intriguing story with plenty of twists. It’s one of those movies that’s slow to reveal certain people’s full role and keeps you wondering what’s going to happen. It was curiously fascinating how four different people attempted to commit the same crime.  With the same motives but varying success.


Spent Movie Review Conclusion

I might watch it again – A little slow for me but an interesting story and plenty of word plays. The characters were all very interesting and quirky and it had an old movie feel to it that was appealing.

3.5 stars 

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