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My Friend Dahmer tells the story of Jeffrey Dahmer’s life leading up to his first human kill. Figuring out how he fit in and being partially guided by his father. With a difficult family life and peculiar interests, it took him a while to find friends.

My Friend Dahmer

Based on the graphic novel written by Derf Backderf, played in the movie by Alex Wolff (Hereditary, Patriots Day), this is the story of the young Jeffrey Dahmer, played brilliantly by Ross Lynch (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Austin & Ally). Initially, he found school life difficult but eventually found a group of friends to get in trouble with. With difficulties in the home, his manic mother played by Anne Heche (Chicago P.D., Aftermath) and his despairing father played by Dallas Roberts (3:10 to Yuma, The Grey), he spends a lot of time in his shed or out on the side of the road watching a jogger pass by.

My Friend Dahmer review

My Friend Dahmer Review Conclusion

I might watch it again – There isn’t much in the movie that a little research on the internet wouldn’t provide you with, however watching it play out is interesting. It’s not a wildly exciting story, it simply follows a boy trying to find his way who doesn’t see the world the way others do and can’t quite see where he fits. Willing to follow his father’s instructions, or his friend’s instructions when he finds them, to do whatever pleases them. You may leave the movie feeling that if someone had noticed his difficulties they may have been able to help him or guide him in a different direction.

4 Stars

Maybe a soda or two, a microwave meal and some sort of plastic wrapped cake for dessert will see you comfortably through the My Friend Dahmer film.

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