Kate’s Embers of Arson

Arson is a deliberate act

English: Large Bonfire, arson
English: Large Bonfire (Photo credit: Wikipedia

Arson, as most of you will know, is the deliberate destruction of property, objects or vegetation through fire. There can be many reasons for this including, but not exclusively, insurance fraud or revenge.

Fire does a lot of damage and can completely destroy property or wildlife. It can kill and in most instances can cause distress to the individuals and communities affected.

Sometimes fire is used in an attempt to conceal another crime.

Often when reading about arsonists the term pyromaniac is used and this refers to an individual with a compulsion to start fires. Not all arsonists are pyromaniacs and a very small percentage of deliberate fires are attributed to pyromaniacs.

A pyromaniac’s fires are often set to reduce the individuals levels of stress or to make them feel euphoric.

One of the three houses that were burned completely to the ground (a fourth was saved). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This subject is a very small part of ‘Whispers on the Hill’ but is an area I find particularly interesting.

The information i have covered here is a very miniscule portion of the subject of fire but I am sure that I will cover other areas in the future as I quite often include fires and explosion in my stories.

I am still working on ‘Whispers on the Hill’ and although I find it frustrating that it is taking me so long to finish I can’t help but love how it is developing and maturing.

It feels as if it is alive and telling me how it should progress. It seems to be teaching me.

Perhaps I have a muse whispering in my ear.

fire - onlookers, arson
fire – onlookers (Photo credit: Daveybot)

Till next time

Kate xxx