The Chalk Man -Friendship, Secrets, Body Parts | KT Review

Having been recommended this The Chalk Man by several people I had to give it a read. And I was hooked from the first chapter. A twisty tale that keeps you wondering and, at one point, hoping that the culprit is not who you think it is. With an odd warmth, this book is welcoming as it invites you to slip between the pages and get comfortable.

The Chalk Man Review

A creepy tale about a group of friends who go through a lot together, and alone, that tests their friendships and makes them question everything -including their own parents. From witnessing the horrible accident at the fair to finding the body, their chalk drawings take on a creepy second meaning. An intense coming of age story with a dark flavour that keeps you wanting more.

The Chalk Man Review Conclusion

An enjoyable read that twists you through the complications of family life and friendships when you have a say and when you really do not. Everyone seems to be keeping secrets and it’s just a matter of time before they’re found out, one way or another. Told from the dual POV of one character, in his adult life and his childhood as the events were taking place, you slowly put the pieces together and with each revelation, you hope that who you think is the murderer isn’t. Regularly leading you astray whilst leaving a delicious breadcrumb trail of clues and insights, C.J. Tudor weaves a twisty tale that is easy on the eye and draws you forever deeper. Thoroughly loved this book and look forward to getting my hands on The Taking of Annie Thorne and The Other People.

4.5 Stars

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