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I’m going to have to add The Killing of Jacob Marr to the list of Movies set in a Cabin in the Woods. It’s definitely one worth watching and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should check it out. Currently available on Amazon Prime here in the UK (woohoo), it might make you think twice about that cosy weekend getaway with friends.

The Killing of Jacob Marr

Unaware of its horrific history, a group of five friends rent a cabin in the woods. 20 years earlier a young boy killed his parents after finding a mysterious object that drove him insane. He’s not pleased to find his home full of strangers when he returns.

Starring  Morgan White (The Beginning, My New Life)Brandon Beilis (Celebrities to Go, Gemma & the Bear!)Alyssa Mann (Days of Our Lives, Dear White People), Elizabeth Drake (Instinct, Royal Pains), Samantha Cooper (Parker & Steve, Lemmings), Chris Keating (Hot Mess, Boundaries), and Oleg Ossayenko (Blindspot, The Blacklist).  And written and directed by Brad Rego (Clandestine, Cryptid).

The Killing of Jacob Marr

The Killing of Jacob Marr Review Conclusion

I’d watch it again – The Killing of Jacob Marr was an entertaining, fun, and gory movie. It’s a Saturday afternoon on the sofa with a bowl of snacks and nowhere to be kinda movie.

4 stars 

Other News: For those desperate to see Demon House with Zac Bagans, he has tweeted that he is working on making it available to us in the UK. It was released on Friday 16th in the U.S. and whilst there are a few workarounds if you know how -switching the iPlayer store to the U.S. site for example- there may be a bit of a wait before it’s available in the UK for those of us not so technically minded.

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