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Having recently finished the Mindhunter book and finding myself looking forward to future series of the show on Netflix, now that I know what could be in store, I was disappointed to hear the news about the show being put on hold. But actors schedules can be difficult to navigate and we can’t expect them to just wait until it’s time for the next season to be shot (I totally expect them to be available to shoot the next series) -still, it’s not a never gonna happen kinda deal, it’s just a bit of a glitch that needs a workaround. Come on Netflix, you can do this, I believe in you!

Still, the book is brilliant. Extremely well written and very enthralling I felt like I was immersed in it’s pages, having difficulty putting it down. It could have been three times as long and I would have still happily carried it around to read whenever I had a spare minute (hour).

A completely different perspective on the murderers and serial killers that we often see depicted in movies and books. Written about or spoken about on True Crime sites (some of them I’ve written about) but to have this insight from someone who met them and was intentionally trying to find out reasoning from them is a fascinating read.

Mindhunter: Inside the FBI Elite Serial Crime Unit

A former FBI Agent and Criminal Profiler, John Douglas made a career of understanding serial killers. Interviewing them whenever the opportunity arose he wanted to understand why they did what they did in an attempt to prevent future killers from taking more innocent lives. He invented criminal profiling and over his career turned the unit into one of the best and most sort after in the FBI.

We’ve seen some of those murderers on the Netflix show Mindhunter and whilst that gives you one perspective the book delves further into the why’s of certain behaviours and gives you a deeper insight into what you’re seeing on screen. If you’ve watched and loved the show as much as I have the Mindhunter book by John Douglas is well worth the read.

5 Stars

Mindhunter Book Review

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With a degree in forensics that looked at the details of scenes, the habits of perpetrators, and putting the pieces together, this perspective is fascinating to me. And sometimes I wonder if I might have taken the wrong course. Luckily Mindhunter: Inside the FBI Elite Serial Crime Unit is not John Douglas’ only book, he’s also written Journey Into Darkness which is the follow up to Mindhunter and delves further into the criminal mind with a series of new cases. And The Killer Across the Table which focuses on four specific criminals and shares how they helped him figure out how psychopaths and predators think.

Maybe this will be enough additional reading to hold us until they figure out how to do the next series of Mindhunter (since they have five series mapped out).