American Werewolf in London | Remake News

I might not actually be able to watch!

I am most concerned about the thought of an American Werewolf in London remake.

Seriously, I’ve tried to explain what even the thought of this movie does to me. And I know it’s not even scary – not really. But out of all the movies I have ever seen, including the sequel, this one makes me feel like there should be more room behind the sofa.

American Werewolf in London Updates


IMDb currently tells us the status of this movie is Script and that it’s about a girl and her boyfriend travelling through the UK when she gets bitten. And that this new storyline will run alongside the original script -which is intrieging.

In November 2018, we were told that Edgar Wright, director of Shaun of the Dead and Baby Driver, had passed on doing An American Werewolf Remake. You can read more about why and how much he loved the original movie here.

**End Updates**

So…few deep breaths…

Set in Britain (where I live), regulars to a quaint village pub -The Slaughtered Lamb- provide a cautionary tale to two American Students. Venturing out into the woods, despite being told to stay on the roads, they encounter a werewolf. At this point I realized I had a desperate need for a drink and so nipped to the kitchen. Then there was the laundry that needed taking upstairs before I could return to the movie (no, I hadn’t paused it first. I was about 10, why was I doing laundry?). So, anyway, the surviving student begins to have nightmares – one of which is his dead friend come back to warn him. Then there was a thing with a nurse. Look the point is, this movie gave me nightmares for weeks. Apparently, I woke the whole house up with my screams.

The original movie was written and directed by John Landis 

Final Note:

Could we possibly put a stop to the sharing of American Werewolf in London props and memorabilia on social media? There was the coolest werewolf prop on Instagram recently and I both loathed it instantly and wanted it desperately – there should be no moment in life when anyone should see that combination of emotion on my face.

Can’t believe I’m sharing this on my blog – you can actually buy these things.

American werewolf
via Monster Galaxy

Go to: to see more images if you must.

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