Selfie From Hell – from a short to a movie| KT Review

Do you remember when the short Selfie From Hell (that this movie evolved from) showed up on the internet? Shared, liked, and shared again. Well, they went and made it into a movie! So, I couldn’t resist this movie when it popped up on Netflix this week. 

Selfie From Hell Short

Selfie From Hell

When her cousin, a vlogger,  falls mysteriously and gravely sick a young woman ventures to the dark side of the web to find out why. 

Clearly already nervous, Julia soon falls ill and creepy things start happening in the house. With Doctors unable to do anything more than prescribe some pills, Julia’s cousin, Hannah, starts to investigate the possible cause of the mysterious illness and gets drawn into the rabbit hole of the dark web. Pulling her friend in with her. Ignoring all warnings, Hannah is determined to help her cousin no matter how dark it gets.

Starring  Alyson Walker (The Precipice, The Great Mint Swindle), Tony Giroux (Arrow, Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn), Meelah Adams (Die Tierliebhaber, Selfie From Hell Short), Ian Butcher (Supergirl, Almost Human), Tyler A.H. Smith, Shaun Morse (The Good Doctor, Breeze in the Storm), Matthew Graham (Residue, All Yours), and written by  Erdal Ceylan and Paul Burton.

Selfie From Hell Trailer

Selfie From Hell Review Conclusion

I would watch it again – Loved the short and have really enjoyed seeing how this film has evolved around it. Not hugely scary but an interesting watch with a few carefully placed jump scares. Kept me engrossed but lost me a little towards the end as I didn’t quite understand what was happening. I will be watching it again to figure out the ending. The monster was pretty cool too. Worth a watch, particularly if you want to see the story behind the original short. 

3.5 Stars

Selfie From Hell

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