Real Ghosts & Real Horror in Haunted on Netflix | KT Review

‘Tis the season. Ghosts and spirits and personal stories fill the minutes of Haunted. Real stories of people’s experiences in haunted locations dramatised for your nightmares. Seriously, these are some horror worthy dramatisations. But some of the personal stories are equally harrowing, the people who experienced these things, lived with real ghosts, and the reactions of friends and family who they tried to tell.

Real Ghosts **Spoilers Ahead**

Often times, they say, a real ghost or apparition is the result of a traumatic event. And many of those who can see such things were also the victims of a traumatic situation. These people are no different. Some might say that the ghosts are the results of the mind trying to deal with that trauma. Others believe spirits can attach themselves to someone in a delicate mental state. Whatever the reason, these stories are stranger than strange. Who would believe them if they told? 

Six 30-minute Episodes of real stories, starting with The Woman in White. The spirit of a woman who haunted a young boy when they moved into her old apartment. Then there’s The Slaughterhouse, a family living in a remote house dealing with strays, psychopathy, and devil worship.  Followed by Demon in the Dark, a basement bedroom with a dark past that infects the life of the little girl who stays there. Next is Children of the Well, a young boy in a religious family is urged by three dead children to come down and play in the basement of their farmhouse home. Then Alien Infection, a tale of disbelief, abduction, and terror. And finally Stolen Gravestone, a spirit who starts out protective but turns possessive when love is involved.

real ghosts

Haunted Review Conclusion

I would watch it again – I would watch another series. It was an interesting take on the real horror stories that have happened to people and their personal recollections of that situation. It’s very much a reveal to friends kind of show, recounting the stories to those who are close to the individual telling the story who don’t already know. Whilst dramatising in horror movie style the stories they are telling. It’s dark. It’s creepy. It’s just a little bit heart renching. 

4 Stars

You might need a box of tissues for this one, and Mars bars might be a good option. When you’re done with the ghost hunting shows, stick on Haunted and hear what the people who have lived with real ghosts have to deal with whilst trying to get people to believe what they have been through.

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