Demon House – View at Your own Risk | KT Review

Curled up eating leftover Halloween Candy, I watched Demon House till midnight. When the veil is thinnest and anything could come through. I wasn’t alone, our demon cat curled up in her bowl near the radiator would on occasion seem agitated. Her tail flipping back and forth and her ears pointing towards the television as if warning something to stop disturbing her nap. The opening credits tell you that demonologists believe demons can attach themselves to you through electrical devices. And that you should watch at your own risk. 

Demon House

When the Demon House appeared on the news people started ringing Zac Bagans to see if he’d seen it. With confirmed supernatural events from the police, family services, and medical professionals at the nearby hospital, the house clearly had something inside it that was affecting the residents. So Zac bought it. This feature-length investigation is not the Ghost Adventures you are used to. And the effect the demon in the house has on those investigating, it’s no wonder Zac says the documentary is cursed. Dare you watch it?

Starring Adam Ahlbrandt as himself, Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures who wrote and directed and locked himself in the demon house for a night because he’s crazy like that, world-renowned parapsychologist Barry Taff as himself, Ed Weibe as himself, Matthew Mourgides as himself, and Ghost Adventures regulars Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley on cameras. 

Demon House Review Conclusion

I enjoyed it but – it wasn’t like a regular Ghost Adventures. With many more personal accounts and far less ghost hunting, it was a shame there wasn’t more documented evidence to back them up. But still, it was fascinating how much attention the media gave it. And the weird things that happened to those that entered the house, particularly in the basement. But most bizarrely, the way those people were affected even after they’d left. I hope they cleansed the ground once the house was demolished. 

4 Stars

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