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For those who love ghost hunter style movies

In an underground location, reportedly a gateway to hell, Karla Marks vanishes whilst conducting a paranormal investigation with her husband into The Devil’s Well. A group of investigators return a year later to uncover the truth and are faced with evil forces greater than they ever imagined.

Starring Bryan Manley Davis (Hide/Seek, Sheep Skin), Chris Viemeister (Audition, bridge and Tunnel), David Alexander (A Crime to Remember, A Most Complex form of Ventriloquism), and Kristen Seavey (6 Degrees of Murder, Life After Fat). 

The Devil’s Well **There may be Spoilers Ahead**

There were moments near the beginning where it felt a little Blair Witchy, the whole documentary, filming the locals, interviewing people involved in a crime at the location. Then it moved into the ghost hunting part -which felt like a genuine amateur ghost hunt- and then into the…well, I’ll let you see the conclusion for yourself.

Occasionally the conversation in The Devil’s Well seemed a little scripted. And I felt the actors probably picked a real-life ghost hunter to study for their roles. One scene in the control room area of the ghost hunt that gave me a strong sense of Dejavu. But none of that mattered because it kept moving you forward, kept you involved. And kept the uncertainty of whether it was paranormal or not right to the end. Some of my favourite parts were when you saw something on camera that the crew didn’t.

A teeny tiny small thing

I was confused by the end scenes. Mostly because I wasn’t sure who was filming it. The film had an interactive camera crew and you knew who was behind the camera. But suddenly you didn’t have a clue. It had to be one of the crew’s cameras because otherwise, it couldn’t have been in the final documentary right? But it didn’t seem to be held by anyone in particular.

The Devil's Well

The Devil’s Well Movie Review Conclusion

I would watch it again – I really enjoyed the Devil’s Well. I love movies that have a ghost hunt feel (it made me wanna watch Ghost Hunters). You get the on edge of your seat waiting for something to happen feeling like you do in the ghost hunting series. Followed by something to actually make you jump (which I did). Great fun.

4 stars 

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