Daemon Tarot for August 2019 | All Signs

Your Tarot for August by star sign. Whether you’ve got a birthday coming up, or you’re ready to plot your future path, let’s see what the cards have in store for you.

Tarot for June by Sign

Aries – March 21 to April 19 | Card: Belphegor – Inspiration may hit you like a bolt from the blue in the most unlikely of places this month. Perhaps it will solve a problem you’ve been having, or offer you an opportunity you hadn’t seen before. But if the idea seems like it’s going to be easy money or too good to be true, it just might be. Look at all the angles before ploughing in and be prepared to put in the work behind the idea to make it happen.

Taurus – April 20 – May 20  | Card: Lechies – Your personal beliefs are your own, be careful of forcing them on others. You might want to save the world and believe you know how to do it but not everyone will see it the same way and you could end up alienating people. Take a chill pill, a step back, a look at the broader picture, is there a calmer way of getting your message across that will have the impact you want?

Jumper: Lamia – whilst grief and loss are dealt with differently by each of us, don’t sink so far into yours that it begins to hurt others. And don’t over-exaggerate your loss and turn a small thing into a drama -you lost your favourite earring? The whole restaurant doesn’t need to be looking for it!

Seems like you might be focusing on the wrong things this month Taurus, overreacting or pressuring others, when the reality is that there’s something going on within you that you’re not quite ready to focus on or deal with. Facing it might be the easier choice in the long run.

Gemini – May 21 – June 21  | Card: Andras – Are you taking risks? Doing things you know are wrong to get the better of someone else? Be careful that you don’t fall into this trap this month, it will only come back to bite you in the ass.

Cancer – June 21 – July 22  | Card: Behemoth -Are your natural instincts rational or irrational this month? Are you being over sensitive and acting out because you feel victimised or is what you’re feeling the truth of it? There is nothing wrong with listening to your gut, your intuition, your reactions to stimuli, just take a pause before acting on them to make sure you’re taking the right action.

You may also receive a glut of invites, gifts, and seemingly endless good luck this month -think carefully about your goals before you decide what to accept.

Leo – July 23 -August 22 | Card: Alastor – There is an air of justice about you this month, perhaps you have contracts to sign or renew. But if you are considering taking legal action or seeking justice, consider carefully the reasons for doing this. Is it through anger that you act, is your will to be cruel to the person on the receiving end? To you seek justice for justice’s sake or vengeance for a wrong done to you? Think carefully before moving forward.

Virgo – August 23 – September 22  | Card: Paimon -Others may want your advice and the benefit of your knowledge this month, try not to be big-headed about it. You may also find that you are the centre of attention -but then, it is coming up to your birthday so a little of that should be expected. On the other hand, try not to judge people who come across as abrasive or the centre of attention too harshly, behind that uncomfortable exterior may be a wealth of knowledge that could be exactly what you need.


Libra – September 23 – October 22 | Card: Volac – You may have a silver tongue this month that enables you to draw the less adventurous, less extroverted, out of their shells. Don’t overlook them and don’t underestimate them. Someone you consider a mouse might be the wild card you were yearning for.

Scorpio – October 23 – November 21  | Card: Eurynome – Is it time for a change? Are you denying that you need one in favour of continuing with what is comfortable? Some things, some experiences, have a best before date and something in your life is approaching or has passed that date -you know what it is and what you need to move on from. Are you ready to get over it and start afresh? Don’t let the flies settle.

Sagittarius – November 22 – December 21  | Card: Bael – Don’t make assumptions based on someone’s name, title, or position. They are not who they seem or who you perceive them to be.

Jumper: Azazel – Show fairness, equal blame and praise in situations, rather than one individual as the focus of all the attention -good or bad. If no one person is to blame then no one person should be blamed. Success is rarely achieved entirely alone.

Capricorn – December 22 – January 19  | Card: Forcas – Whatever you are doing and wherever you are going to be this month, focus on gaining eloquence and grace. It will serve you well.

Aquarius – January 20 – February 18  | Card: Beelzebub – Are you hoping to find out a secret? Or the secret to moving on in your life, getting ahead, finding your path? Truth is, those kinds of secrets are rarely found in other people’s business. So if you are in the unfortunate position of overhearing something you’re not meant to, think carefully about whether that information is worth sharing. And even if it seems like it will benefit you initially consider whether it will still benefit you in the long term.

Pisces – February 19- March 20 | Card: Buer – Science, medicine, and diet should be the focus for you this month. Whether that’s considering a new path of study or changing up your eating habits, these areas need your attention. And if you’re on a diet that includes supplements and starting a new medication, it might be worth mentioning that to your doctor. Some natural remedies can interfere with scientifically formulated ones. And as some natural remedies are the basis for over the counter medication and those prescribed by your doctor, there is a chance you could be overdosing yourself if you don’t mention it when medication is prescribed -just a thought.

A Small Note

Tarot cards are used for guidance, they may resonate with you and they may not. And are for entertainment purposes, I would not go so far as to say every person under each sign will experience these things. Still, there’s something there…

Anyone else noticing time seeming to speed forward slowly? It’s an odd sensation, like things are suddenly happening but only the beginning of things -as if there’s more to come and it’s all gonna be good.