Capsized: Blood on the Water -Discovery Original | KT Review

Discovery presented their first scripted movie for shark week, Capsized: Blood on the Water, and is available OnDemand through NowTV and other streaming services.

A Discovery Original

A yacht bound for Florida carrying five people capsizes when they get caught in an unexpected storm. Injured and in an inflatable lifeboat they drift for days without food or water where a group of Tiger Sharks, drawn by the blood, start to hunt them. Based on the actual events recollected by the surviving members of the original incident.

Starring Tyler Blackburn (Pretty Little Liars, Charmed), Joshua Close (Person of Interest, Fargo), Virginia Del Sol (Qué León), Josh Duhamel (Transformers: The Last Knight, 11.22.63), Beau Garrett (Tron: Legacy, The Good Doctor), and Rebekah Graf (The Dirt, The Amityville Murders).

Shark Week, Capsized movie review

Capsized: Blood on the Water Review Conclusion

I probably won’t watch again:- Although I could be wrong. It was an interesting watch, didn’t spend much time leading up to the story and there was always something happening. I spent a lot of time wondering what I’d do in that situation but there really seemed to be few options available.

There were moments that seemed less than realistic but I guess training sharks to fin towards a boat at a specific moment might be a little difficult. Not to mention the number of times the boat appeared to be just anchored and not drifting at all -I realise the couldn’t actually be drifting but I’m pretty sure there are ways to make it look like there’s movement other than just relying on the waves.

Still, a pretty interesting watch and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for Discoveries scripted movies.

3.5 Stars

I ate homemade jerky and drank coffee whilst I watched, which felt pretty mean since they had nothing.

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