Have You Been Watching Vienna Blood?

Vienna Blood brings us a Doctor and student of Sigman Fraud who helps an Inspector investigating a series of disturbing murders around 1900’s Vienna. In a time when psychology isn’t considered a real scientifically provable branch of medicine, the young Doctor, Max Liebermann, is beginning a study on the psychopathic mind. He’s also a practicing doctor at the local asylum where electroshock therapy is all the rage.

This series was recently suggested to me and I just had to check it out ūüôā

Are you watching Vienna Blood

Hints of Sherlock Holmes

Their partnership is initially uncomfortable and not exactly what the Inspector wanted to be lumped with but as they investigate a shared determination to find the responsible party has them cooperating. And considering new ways and new methods.

The show has a very Sherlock Holmes (the movie) feel to it, and the settings are very lavish and rich. With a host of familiar faces and some less familiar to introduce you to, this series has the ability to draw you in and isn’t too obvious about giving away who done it -so you’re going to have to get your thinking hats on if you want to figure it out before they do. Whilst the murder scenes are bloody they’re more artistic than gruesome, in keeping with the setting and largely unshown.

Starring¬†Matthew Beard (The Imitation Game, Johnny English Strikes Again),¬†J√ľrgen Maurer (Parfum, Anatomy of Evil),¬†Amelia Bullmore (Gentleman Jack, Deep State), Jessica De Gouw (The Crown, Dracula), Conleth Hill (Game of Thrones, The Isle), and Charlene McKenna (Ripper Street, Death and Nightingales).

Vienna Blood on iPlayer and BBC2

It’s an easy watch that holds the attention and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. An easy 4.5 Stars so far -the first two episodes are available on iPlayer and it has a weekly air time of Monday night on BBC2 I believe.