Daemon Tarot for June – All Signs | A Horribly Good Month

Messages from your Daemons

Do you love reading your Horrorscope and finding out what’s in store for you? Your tarot-scope for the month or predictions for the week ahead. And there are some beautifully designed tarot cards out there, like my Daemon tarot. You may even have a deck of your own.

Now I’ve come across a little resistance when using my cards. Not everyone likes them. Not everyone likes knowing what’s coming. And some even think it’s the work of the devil. So let me be clear: tarot cards are for guidance, they help you open up your mind and see the solution to your own problem or question. My Daemon Tarot cards are just a little more in your face about it. They don’t pull any punches. Say what they mean. Keep it short and sweet, that kind of thing. So if you’re of a delicate disposition or simply don’t believe in this kinda thing, turn away now.

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** For Entertainment Purposes Only – I’m not trying to sell your soul**

Your Daemon Tarot Card for the month of June

Aries -March 21-April 19

Lucifer – Find sympathy and understanding for those who cannot agree with you, we don’t always have to believe or like the same things. Expect a little mischievous fun this month.

Taurus -April 20-May 20

Leonard – Try not to suck up to those in authority, your boss, or in a brighter limelight, for nothing more than envy of their position. You are unlikely to get the attention you want.

Gemini -May 21-June 20

Mycale – Be open to greater power and reputation should it shine it’s light on you this month. Great things could happen.

Cancer -June 21-July 22

Paimon – You may meet someone who at first gets your hackles up. Perhaps they are awkward or abrasive. Or is this how you appear to others? Intelligence and knowledge are often hidden behind a mask, if it’s you – stop hiding, if it’s someone else -give them another chance.

Leo -July 23-August 22

Astaroth – Are you a victim? Has someone wronged you? Are you making a mountain out of a molehill? Maybe it’s time to let that shit go and move on – you don’t want people to start avoiding you because you won’t shut up about it. Is it really as bad as you think it is?

Virgo -August 23-September 22

Eurynome – Time to move on. Whatever it is that you’ve been clinging to, a bad relationship, a boring job, a haircut you’ve had since you were twelve, it’s time to let it go. If it’s reached its natural conclusion, accept it. Grieve for it. But step into a new cycle and reach for the new.

Daemon Tarot

Libra -September 23-October 22

Mammon – What is it you want this month? A new pair of shades, a holiday, a new car? Do you really need them? What will it cost you? Appreciate what you have and focus on your natural comforts and your physical needs. Focus on you, not stuff.

Scorpio -October 23-November 21

Picollus – You know that irritating argument you’ve been having, the one that seems like an endless battle of wills? It’s going to raise it’s thorny head this month and stick it to you right where it hurts. But you don’t have to let it – give it the boot. No one’s ever going to win so why keep poisoning your own mind with resentment?

Sagittarius -November 22-December 21

Ganga-Gramma – Don’t agree to anything until you know all the facts. It might be too good to be true, or not as good as promised. Either way, keep your bragging to a minimum until you are sure you understand the situation fully.

Capricorn -December 22-January 19

Ronove – You have the ability to be persuasive this month. Take care to use your ability for good and not bad. You risk breaking up friendships if you get this wrong.

Aquarius -January 20 to February 18

Azazel – Try not to point fingers when things go wrong. You might not be to blame but is the other person really responsible. Try not to make an incident out of an accident.

Pisces -February 19 to March 20

Sabbat – This month is for family and friends. Tradition and ceremony – perhaps there will be a wedding, or a party with people who share the same interests as you.

The Daemon Tarot Cards

A deck by Ariana Osborne with illustrations by Louis Breton. Based on the Dictionnaire Infernal by Collin De Plancy.