Cadaver Dogs, Tiger King, Ghost Adventures, & Alligators

Sounds like a recipe for disaster or a new crazy TV show. And it’s coming to your screens this Halloween, the Ghost Adventures Crew brought Cadaver Dogs onto the site whilst filming for a special on the Tiger King property. And the dogs alerted them to remains in the Alligator pit. Which prompted a visit from the Sheriff.

Currently called the Greater Wynnwood Exotic Animal Park, the property was recently awarded to Carol Baskin as part of a court judgement.

I think the whole thing was either a publicity stunt, or shows that their dogs need to go back to cadaver detection school.

-Carol Baskin, as reported on

Said Carol Baskin of the incident, who has not yet taken ownership of the park.

Cadaver Dogs
“What do you mean, check the Alligator Pit?”

Cadaver Dogs

Trained to seek out decaying human flesh, these dogs have a particularly sensitive nose and go through a lot of training before being taken out into the field. A search and rescue dog, by comparison, is taught to find living humans.

Cadaver dogs can detect the scent of decomposition in the air or follow a trail along the ground. They can detect remains through concrete, up to 15ft underground, and 30 meters underwater. They are also trained to react when they detect a trace of human remains even if the body has long since been moved. And they can detect the difference between an animal or human corpse due to the very specific chemicals a decomposing human body gives off. Cadaver dogs will also alert to the decomposing remains of a pig, which is the only animal used in their training alongside chemicals that replicate human decomposition.

So, was the four legged animal with a tail that the dog found a pig, or was there something there that had since been removed of a more sinister nature?

The Garvin County Sheriff said there would be no more searches after they located the small animal.

Ghost Adventures

Since we know of at least one death on the land there is the possibility of some communication with the Ghost Adventures team on Halloween. Of course, there could also be ghost tigers, alligators, and monkeys. It will be interesting to see what they capture.

The Tiger King himself is serving a 22-year sentence in federal prison for trying to have Baskin killed.

This story never seems to stop, just when you think we’re done singing (you know the song I mean) something new crops up and we’re drawn back in. What do you reckon, another Netflix series update by the end of the year?