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Sitting down to read another Kristina Gallo story means a Rum and Lemonade, a bar of my fav choccy and a whole bottle of anticipation. What has she got in store for me this time?

Kristina’s portfolio is ever-expanding with self-help books and stories with underlying messages, including I Will Kill You In My Dream, The Guy From Another League, Seduce Her With A Fist, and The Seller of Sins.

Introducing the new Kristina Gallo book, The Player Without Luck, now available on Amazon.

The Player Without Luck Review

The Player Without Luck

When Silvija found a dead body in the casino, it looked like an accident. Did it involve the work of hitman?

A man who knew a dirty secret from her past blackmailed her. She had a motive for the murder because a ruined reputation could cause her to lose her job and husband. Her affair with a security guard, Ivan, will complicate things further. She wanted to be safe, but Ivan was involved deeper than she thought.

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Review Conclusion

The Player Without LuckThe Player Without Luck by Kristina Gallo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Once again Kristina Gallo brings a whirlwind of intriguing characters and keeps up the pace throughout the story. You can’t help but want to know what happens next and how the main character will beat the odds.

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4 Stars

Grab a KitKat and a coffee, this is another perfect break time read.

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