Kate on Suffocation

Autoerotic Asphyxia, suffocation
Autoerotic Asphyxia (Photo credit: Mikamatto)

Suffocation is the prevention of the flow of oxygen to the brain which is known as asphyxiation.

This subject comes up often in tv dramas and most people have heard of petechial hemorrhaging as a result.

Many of you will also be aware that for some suffocation can be erotic. Perhaps it is the fear or the control, maybe even the adrenalin rush or the struggle, whatever the reason this act is known as autoerotic asphyxiation.
The result, of course, of not stopping soon enough, is death.

Suffocation is also known as Asphyxiation

Death by asphyxiation can occur as a result of drowning, strangulation with either a ligature or hands, covering the mouth and nose with a hand or object such as a pillow or the one we are all warned about as children, plastic bags.
Bruising on the face or neck can indicate the method used, but not always, fibres in the mouth and nose can also be an indicator of the method.

Petechial hemorrhaging is the occurrence of tiny capillaries leaking blood, this is caused by pressure on the veins due to the restriction of blood flow and appears as red marks on the eye. These red marks can also appear on other parts of the head.

I’m sure this story is starting to sound very strange, we have looked at everything from erotic horror to decomposition and now i’ve introduced suffocation.

Every blog I have written and will write is related to something that appears in the book. I may not look at it exactly as it appears in the story but I like to blog about what I have researched and give you little hints as to what the book contains.

I am currently working on making it flow correctly and adding the chapters I didn’t realise were missing, then I will work on taking out the rubbish. Shouldn’t be too long now.

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