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Currently on Netflix, but previously aired on SYFY, Superstition is the story of a family who owns and runs a funeral home, the only funeral home in town that believes in superstitions, myths, and legends. But also take care of demon problems and hauntings and stuff like that.

They’ve got help in the form of Tilly, adept at preparing the body for funerals as well as detecting whether their deaths were caused by unnatural forces, she’s also pretty knowledgeable about weapons. Sharing a world with Supernatural, you have the usual methods of removal as well as those in the know and those most definitely not. 

And their son just returned from the military, ready to help out. Even if Dad isn’t too sure he can hack it. After all, fighting demons is not the same as fighting men. But he soon proves that he can hack it. 


In La Rochelle in the Deep South, the Hastings family have owned the only funeral home and graveyard for generations. But their speciality is “afterlife-care” for unexplained deaths at the hands of demons. Otherworldly phenomenon have long haunted the town where superstitions, ancient myths and legends are true.

Starring Brad James (For Better or Worse, The Choice), Morgana Van Peebles (Chasing Shadows, Ali), Robinne Lee (Hitch, Fifty Shades Darker), Demetria McKinney (Saints & Sinners, The Paynes), Tatiana Zappardino (Your Worst Nightmare, The Long Way Home), and Mario Van Peebles (Nashville, Deception). 


Superstition Review Conclusion

I will watch the whole series – and the next if there is one. It’s more of a slow burn than Supernatural, the story threads through the whole series rather than a single entity or demon in each episode. It’s dark, has family complexity, and interesting characters. But you don’t really start feeling the story until you’re at least two episodes in so keep going through that first one.

4 Stars

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