Skin Side Out

Skin Side Out by K.T.McQueen

Skin Side Out

Kensington Gore’s Hammered Horror – Skin Side Out by K.T. McQueen is a fast paced action horror novel.

Created from an alternate evolution of humans war is about to begin.

Soon it will all come to war between the species. Vampires against humans, both against Almanites, and one against them all.

It’s hard when you’re woken from your life with a jolt. Dumped into an existence you never even dreamt happening outside of the movies.

Expected to take part. Expected to accept the changes forced upon you. Expected to accept your own death. And continue to fight on regardless.

It’s even harder to swallow when you are the key to the resurrection of the human race.

Despite never being anything more than the black sheep of the family with not much to show for the mundane life you’ve lived.

When greatness is thrust upon you, you can stumble and fall or try with all your might to find the hero within

Note to Readers: This book is currently unavailable to purchase. The publisher is in discussions with Amazon. Why not read Moon instead? There are werewolves in it.

Note from the author

Skin Side Out was a fun book to write and really difficult to edit. It kept dragging me back into the story and making it difficult to decide what to cut and who to kill off. Not everyone can survive this type of stories. Some characters have to be thrown under the bus, so to speak. I didn’t mean to write about vampires, I was compelled.