Skickelsen – Out of the Darkness | KT Review

A fascinating short film that ended its impressive festival run recently with a win at Melies d’argent at Abertoir. Skickelsen was filmed in Swedish but has subtitles in English and Spanish and will soon be available for you to watch online (I’ll update when I know when). This dark, atmospheric short is careful and mysterious and deserving of its awards. If you can’t tell yet, I really liked this one. Check out the trailer below. 


You can’t escape your destiny. 

Skickelsen is a dark mystery set in and around an apartment building. 3 people whose lives are connected in the strangest way. 

Starring Tony Lundgren (Wallander, Silver Service), Lova Schildt (Vatten), and Lars Väringer (The Fat and the Angry, Alex). Written by Mikael Holmström and co-writer Jonas Gramming who also directed. 


Skickelsen Review Conclusion

Brilliant! I would definitely watch this again – I just wanted to keep watching. So good. It raises questions right from the beginning and you’re just glued to the screen wondering why is that happening, what’s going to happen next. I didn’t anticipate what was going to happen until it was already happening. If this gets made into a full length movie (I don’t know if that’s the plan) I’ll be watching that too.

5 Stars

You’re going to need something you don’t need to think about eating whilst you watch, popcorn would work, you need to be able to know what you’re putting in your mouth and just repeat the motion again and again without thinking. 

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