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Sinister Dexter

Sinister Dexter slid into my life recently. And with a cup of tea and a biscuit or two, I sat down to read. It wasn’t long before I was fully engrossed and certain other members of the household had to get their own tea.

Amazon Blurb

Sometimes the opposite of right isn’t wrong. It’s left. Tragedy strikes once more at Old College… The Porters’ Lodge is down to the last three tea bags and no one has seen a biscuit in a week. Almost as troubling are the two dead bodies at the bottom of the College gardens and there is concern when a young woman goes missing.

The Dean is convinced that occult machinations are to blame, but Deputy Head Porter suspects something closer to home. It’s all a question of perspective.

As the body count rises, Head Porter somehow finds the time to live a secret double life and The Dean believes his job is under threat from the Russian Secret Service.

The formidable DCI Thomp-son refuses to be be sidelined and a particularly unpleasant Professor gets his comeuppance. Dep-uty Head Porter finds herself with her hands full keeping Old College running smoothly and stu-dents out of mischief, as well as defending herself against the sinister intentions of the new Bursar. And none of this would be any problem at all, if only someone would put the kettle on…

This is third instalment of the world-renowned PorterGirl series set in the ancient and esoteric Old College, one of the finest academic establishments in the land.

Talking to the author

I asked Lucy to tell us more about Sinister Dexter and what she had planned next for her and the series…

Sinister Dexter, the third of the PorterGirl novels, was probably the most fun to write. The eclectic cast and style now firmly established by the first two outings, this book was a chance to loosen the reins in terms of storylines and characters. The Dean is more eccentric than ever, Head Porter continues with his underhand buffoonery and among it all Deputy Head Porter deploys her wit and charm to try to hold it all together. There are darker elements, too, to this story – when two loners are found deceased in questionable circumstances, their young peers struggle to come to terms with their own involvement in events and an unchivalrous Professor takes advantage of his naïve charges wherever he can. Rest assured, though, this is Old College and all will come right in the end – even if the ending isn’t quite what The Dean was hoping for.

There is no rest for the wicked, it would seem, and I am already working on PorterGirl Four – Footsteps Of The Templar. This novel will see our heroes return for a good old-fashioned Grail quest, coupled with a bit of romance and, no doubt, some polite, British violence. As well as PorterGirl, I have the political murder mystery Who Shot Tony Blair? in the pipeline, as well as working on an ominous and top secret (for now) collaboration, which goes by the moniker of Project Britannia. I mean, a girl barely has time for tea and mischief!

Sinister Dexter Review Conclusion

I would read it again – And I’d definitely read the sequel! A thoroughly engrossing novel, intricately written with engaging characters and a vivid world.

4 Stars



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