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From the producers of The Bodyguard, Showtrial is the BBC’s new fictional courtroom crime series that will use a fictional crime to look at how our justice system is failing.

With the success of The Bodyguard, over ten million viewers, starring Richard Madden it will be exciting to see where this new series will go. With no news yet on who will star or when we can expect to see it on our screen, it’s gonna have to be a watch this space kinda scenario. The Bodyguard is on iPlayer if you haven’t seen it yet and as many of the details as we know so far about Showtrial are below. I will update, as per usual, as soon as I get wind of more info.

New show: Showtrial news

From the Writer of Strike & The Tunnel

Working with the writer of Strike and The Tunnel, Ben Richards, to create the series which will see a fictional legal battle take place. The wealthy daughter of an entrepreneur is brought to trial after the disappearance of her fellow student and the six-part series will follow the action from both sides of the story that will bring wealth, politics, and prejudice into play for the watching public -who we’ll also get to see react. Whilst it’s a BBC program, ITV Studios Global Entertainment will be handling sales of the show internationally, so I imagine it should be available across the pond…after we’ve seen it ­čÖé

…a gripping fictional murder trial that shines a light on the failings of our justice system.

World Productions CEO Simon Heath

What is a Showtrial?

A show trial is a public trial where the authorities have already decided on the verdict but by showing the trial the public can see why they came to this conclusion and serve as a warning to the public. If you do this then this is what will happen. Kind of like the public hangings we hear of in our history. I can’t think of any or find any online that have happened through British courts but if you know of one please let me know.

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