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In Reverse

I’ve been a little slow in getting around to watching Shimmer Lake. But I figured it was time to give it a watch. The idea of the story being told in reverse was intriguing. And I really liked Rainn Wilson in Backstrom.

An enjoyable film with a curious cast of characters that’ll keep you guessing about their stories.

Shimmer Lake

So, Shimmer Lake is the story of a bank heist gone wrong committed by three small-town criminals. And we follow the local sheriff’s quest to solve the mystery. And it’s all told in reverse.

Starring  Benjamin Walker (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, In the Heart of the Sea)Rainn Wilson (Backstrom, Star Trek: Discovery)Stephanie Sigman (Spectre, Once Upon a Time in Venice), John Michael Higgins (Pitch Perfect, Blade: Trinity),  Mark Rendall (Hannibal, 30 Days of Night), and Rob Corddry (Warm Bodies, Hot Tub Time Machine). 

Shimmer Lake
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Shimmer Lake Review Conclusion

I would watch it again – As the story goes in reverse, some things start to make sense and others get more complicated than they at first appeared. I think I’d probably see more things if I watched it again too. You might want to watch this one when you are sure (as much as you can be anyway) that you won’t be interrupted.

4 stars 

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