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We rarely have the same Shark Week as the US, and I often find it disappointing but that doesn’t mean there aren’t shows showing on UK Discovery to fill up your Shark Week with. From the 4th of August (Sunday) Discovery UK will be premiering a plethora of Shark related shows from 6 pm. With more shark shows continuing on Demand through the entire week. Shark Week in the US kicks off on July 28th -so, try to avoid the spoilers for the Discovery Networks first-ever scripted, Shark Feature Film.

Capsized: Blood on the Water

Based on a true story, this film dramatises the events of October 1982 when a yacht bound for Florida capsized in an unexpected storm and left the crew stranded in a lifeboat, drifting on the ocean, surrounded by Tiger Sharks intent on getting dinner.

Sunday the 4th’s UK Shark Week Lineup

  • Tiger Shark Invasion 6 pm – An observation of Tiger Sharks in the Galapagos Islands that documents how the sharks have reset one of the oldest ecosystems
  • Legend of Deep Blue 7 pm –A search for the largest Great White Shark, Deep Blue, around Guadalupe Island
  • Isle of Jaws: Blood Brothers 8 pm –Off the West Australian Coast, a team of explorers attempt to determine whether Great White Sharks prefer the company of blood relations
  • Capsized: Blood on the Water 9 pm –The Movie
  • Alien Sharks Greatest Hits 11 pm -Rare and unique sharks from around the world, including the Two-Headed Shark
Shark Week UK

UK Sharks

Perhaps some of the on-demand shows will be the ones we didn’t get from previous years that showed over the pond. Perhaps Shark Week just isn’t as popular amongst UK viewers, after all, we don’t get that many sharks off our coasts (Okay, I know, not the most reliable of sources):

But if you can’t wait for Sunday…

Alright, it doesn’t look like the most exciting shark week in the world ever -maybe one day we’ll get the full-throttle shark shows. But until then you could slake your thirst with a movie or two:

  • The Meg -Jason Statham’s Megaladon movie
  • Jaws -an oldie but a goodie and the one that started all these shark movies
  • Deep Blue Sea -the one that made the whole cinema try to leave suddenly over the backs of their chairs when the shark attacked when I went to go see it
  • The Shallows -the one with Blake Lively
  • Finding Nemo -one for the kids
  • Open Water -that one where there’s two of them stranded in the ocean and a bunch of hungry sharks circling
  • 47 Meters Down -the girl in the cage at the bottom of the ocean
  • Sharknado -and all it’s sequels
  • Ghost Shark -so good I can’t remember a thing about it
  • Shark! -the Burt Renolds one
  • 47 Meters Down: Uncaged -this time there’s four girls, a ruined underwater city and sharks

And so many more, it’s scary to consider just how many Shark movies there are out there circling the deep movie waters.

So, whatever you’re doing for shark week, and whether you’re doing the American one or British one -I hope you get bitten by the shark bug because these beautiful creatures are so much more than rows and rows of sharp pointy teeth.

What say you?

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