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Let me introduce you to Kristina Gallo – a sarcastic and passionate Croatian author who writes in English. Inspired by psychology, human realtionships, and the stories from those she meets, Kristina has written a number of self-help books and stories with underlying messages. Like, Seduce her with a Fist, where the characters names have been changed to protect her sources. 

Seduce her with a Fist review

Seduce her with a Fist

This story is about a girl who meets a hooligan and falls in love. It’s a rocky relationship that infects her studies, family life, and reputation.

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Seduce her with a Fist Review Conclusion

I would read more from Kristina Gallo: I’ll admit, I was not sure what to expect when I first saw this book and its title. What’s inside is not what immediately comes to mind. But once I started, I couldn’t help but keep reading, wanting to know what happened next in this strange world so different from the 1999 I grew up in. The characters felt like real people. English is her second language and this is clear, as some words were unfamiliar. But it had a certain charm, as if you were huddled in the pub on a cold winter’s evening listening to a friend share a story. 

3.5 Stars

Grab a packet of crisps and a coffee, this is a perfect break time read.

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