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Have you tried the Santa Clarita Diet?

Not gonna lie, the Santa Clarita Diet is a gross fest from beginning to end. If you don’t like puke there are a few moments you’re going to need to hide behind the cushion for. Starring Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant, and Liv Hewson as a family dealing with an unusual complication – Mom’s the undead.

Sooo much puke! From the first episode to the last I was laughing my socks off. It was one issue after another, what with trying to run their realtor business and raise a teenage daughter, the whole extra vitality was a lot to deal with.

Whilst being undead obviously has it’s perks – feeling invigorated, more alive than before, and just a little wilder. There are no end of downsides – getting the right sized freezer, not over estimating your abilities as a murderer, and of course, keeping everything you’re doing from your neighbours.

And the whole time you’re wondering how she got turned and whether there’s a cure. Because, lets face it, there are only so many brain smoothies you can consume before one of your friends becomes curious about your new diet and wants to try it for themselves.

Santa Clarita Diet

Santa Clarita Diet Review Conclusion

OMG is there going to be another season? I need more! – Love, love, loved it! Loved their inept approach to doing the “food shopping” and the way they were constantly trying to keep their daughter out of it.

5 stars 

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