Safe | Siren | Slasher | May Roundup

May Roundup

May has been rather too sunny to spend much of it indoors watching TV but that hasn’t stopped me from squeezing in the best shows. With Siren, Safe, and Slasher available this month I’ve been spending my weekends catching up on everything I’ve missed through the week. And there seems to have been a lot.

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If you’re like me, you also watch the superhero series like Flash, Arrow, Runaways, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – did you spot Stan Lee in the latest episode of Runaways? And with whispers of Batgirl joining the DC Universe there could be even more to tune in for before long.

TV Land: Safe, Siren, Slasher

Now you all know what I thought of Safe right? Brilliant show, if a little strange hearing Michael C. Hall with a Britsh accent. It had the ability to keep you guessing who the perpetrator might be and just as you thought you’d figured it out it dashed those thoughts on the rocks and let the waves wash them deep into the ocean.

  • The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 – Channel 4 20th
  • Elementary Season 6 – Sky Living 21st
  • Humans Season 3 – Channel 4 17th
  • Slasher: Guilty Party Season 2 – Pick TV 1st
  • Siren Season 1 – Syfy 3rd
  • The 100 Season 5 – E4 9th
  • Safe – Netflix 10th May


A brilliant series about a father desperately trying to find his missing daughter whilst an investigation takes place about the death of one of her friends. Has she been harmed too, kidnapped, involved and in hiding?


A largely land-based mermaid story set in a town not unaccustomed to mermaids, even though they have put the facts down to a local folk tale they celebrate each year.

Slasher: Guilty Party

Slasher is back for a second series and an entirely new location. This time the thrills and kills are set years after a murder at a summer camp. And as the camp councillors return to the scene to move the remains before construction starts things start to get very messy.

Slasher: Guilty Party
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Movie Land for May 2018:
  • Deadpool 2 – 15th May
  • The Cured – 11th May
  • Revenge – also the 11th May
  • The Strangers: Prey at Night – 4th of May

Looking Ahead

What’s in store for June -how are we at June already? The school year is winding down, kids are doing exams. Adults are wondering where it’s cheapest to go and still get a good holiday or whether it’s better to just stay home and have lots of fun days out.

Advertisers are showing you heaps of exciting things to spend your spare cash on to make this summer the best summer ever. And you’re trying to determine which shows have to be recorded because they only have a limited time to watch on demand.

On TV for June in the UK:

  • The Magicians Season 3 – 5Star (TBC)
  • Stan Against Evil Season 2 – Fox 7th
  • Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger – Amazon Prime 8th
  • Sense8 Special (Final) – Netflix 8th
  • The Ranch Season 2 prt5 – Netflix 15th
  • Unsolved – Netflix 18th
  • Luke Cage Season 2 – Netflix 22nd
  • Preacher Season 3 – Amazon Prime 25th

Texas chainsaw massacring the garden so it’s ready for all the amazing parties you’re going to have out there. Those parties where you invite your friends round, light the hastily cleaned bbq, and sling chunks of meat on whilst forgetting about that one person who doesn’t eat meat that you’ve also invited. And fail to let the neighbours know you’re about to make smokey fire with meat grease in, that’ll blow across into their garden making them hungry and dirtying the washing they still have out on the line. You’ll have to invite them over as well to compensate. Still, they always bring the good beer. But at least you’ll have plenty to watch when the sunstroke kicks in.

Movies for June:
  • My Friend Dahmer – 1st
  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom -6th
  • McQueen  – 8th
  • Super Troopers 2 – 15th
  • Hereditary – 15th
  • Ocean’s 8 – 18th
  • Leave No Trace – 29th

News in Brief

John Wick Chapter Three has gained stars Halle Berry, Angelica Huston, Asia Kate Dillon, and Jason Mantzoukas. John Wick is in the midst of filming in New York.

James Gunn and Neil Gaiman have been giving out some rather nice writing advice and sharing their own routines/methods over on Twitter. So, if you’re a writer or screenwriter it may be worth following these two if you don’t already. Plus, you’ll find out which airports Neil has been secretly signing books in.

Bill & Ted is officially going to be a thing -but I already told you about this here.

And Universal’s Dark Universe has been working behind the scenes to keep their monster world alive. It’s slow going but things are still happening. All updates will be shared as I learn them here

And if you haven’t been paying attention, I’ve released the first in the Noctisbellum Inc. series which begins my monster universe. Stars is the story of a girl determined to be a famous ghost hunter who ends up in the clutches of monsters. If you get it from Smashwords you can set the price (which means, if you’re tempted but not sure, you can read it for free).