You, Luther, Scream VI | February Roundup

Two months in to 2023, what you got going on? With the new season of You on Netflix, Carnival Row S2 on Prime, and Shadow and Bone S2 heading our way in March, there’s plenty to watch. And I’m looking forward to the Luther movie, and the new Scream VI, both are looking very dramatic and dark.

KT TV Roundup

February Roundup

TV Land:

        • Blood & Treasure S2 -Sky Sci-fi 1st
        • The Rookie: Feds -Sky Witness 8th
        • Alaska Daily – Disney+ 8th
        • You S4 pt1 – Netflix 9th
        • Dark Winds -AMC Global 14th
        • Hello Tomorrow -Apple TV+ 17th
        • Star Trek: Picard S3 -Amazon Prime 17th
        • Carnival Row S2 -Amazon Prime 17th
        • The Equalizer S3 -Sky Witness 21st
        • Unforgotten S5 – ITV 27th


        An interesting start to season 4.

        Looking Ahead

        On TV for March 2023 in the UK:

        • The Flash S9 -Sky Max
        • Django -Sky Atlantic 1st
        • The Mandalorian S3 -Disney+ 1st
        • The Bay S4 -ITV 8th
        • School Spirits -Paramount+ 10th
        • Luther: The Fallen Sun -Netflix 10th
        • A Town Called Malice -Sky Max 16th
        • Shadow and Bone S2 -Netflix 16th
        • Extrapolations -Apple TV+ 17th
        • Yellowjackets S2 – Paramount+ 24th
        • Rabbit Hole -Paramount+ 27th
        • Unstable -Netflix 30th
        • Riverdale S7 -Netflix 30th
        • Six Four -ITVX 30th
        • The Power -Amazon Prime 31st

        Luther: The Fallen Sun

        Loved the series, might have to re-watch them before I watch this. Just to make sure I’m up to speed, obviously.

        Upcoming Movies

        • Scream VI – Cinema10th
        • The Other Me – Cinema 13th

        Scream VI

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