The Purge: Election Year | KT Review

A nice third instalment

As head of security, former Police Sargent Barnes (Frank Grillo), must protect the presidential candidate, Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell), when the rules protecting certain members of society from the purge are lifted. The Purge: Election Year also stars Mykelti Williamson, Joseph Julian Soria, Betty Gabriel, and Terry Serpico. And written and directed by James DeMonaco. 

You know how it goes. A bad decision followed by betrayal. Then a fight for survival. And of course, the inevitable sacrifice.

The Purge: Election Year definitely works well as the third movie, it’s nice to have Frank Grillo back doing his thing, and the split opinions about the purge is a nice way to move the story on. However, I am happy to hear that the fourth film will be a prequel – looking at the situation and events which triggered the first purge.

The tourists flooding into the city for the purge was an interesting twist. But other than the same group from the airport being in a later scene, they didn’t feature much. There were some great scenes – almost viking fight scenes, fairy lit cars, and intriguing background characters that made you feel like you might be missing out on a story – reminding you it wasn’t all about the people the camera was following.

The Purge: Election Year
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The Purge: Election Year Review Conclusion

I’ll probably watch it again – The Purge: Election Year was pretty good. It’s a nice third movie for this franchise and works well within the world created. I think the story was better than the second movie but it took me a little while at the beginning to realise it was the daughter who lived and not the mother.

4 stars 

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