Project Type: Published Books

The Moribund by K.T. McQueen | Dark Fantasy

A Dark fantasy from K.T. McQueen, The Moribund takes you on a quest into a new world with gods and demons, death and demigods. A being older than the Gods, threatened by a Demigod promising mortals immortality “One day it was there, this character, waiting to come to life. A creature older than the Gods […]

The Thriller You Weren’t Expecting | Bad Habit by K.T. McQueen

The thriller is not the usual genre from K.T. McQueen but with a degree in forensics and a masters in fire and major incident response it could be expected. Bad Habit is the first foray into a new genre. Hired by a victim’s affluent father, a conflicted fixer must make a resurfaced serial killer her […]

Salt Water by K.T. McQueen | Free Download

Some stories never make it to publication, others remain on the hard drive collecting time and perspective. I originally wrote this one for a charity book but it was deemed unsuitable (I wrote another instead). Recently coming across it again, I decided to offer it up for free -a sort of thank you for hanging […]

Moon by K.T. McQueen

A young woman with a promise to keep. Another with a curse to lift. And a werewolf looking for a new mate. When Alice invited her friends to stay at her Grandmother’s Romanian farmstead they were expecting to take a break from studying and have a good time. Of course, that wasn’t the only reason Alice was […]

Tuesday: The Day I Realised I would have to Save the World by Desy Melza

It was, as it turns out, inevitable. Not inevitable because of some prophecy, despite there being a fortune telling, but inevitable because that’s how it was engineered. I was part of somebody elses design. I was carefully selected, convinced, pushed, prodded and cajoled into doing things I wouldn’t normally do. The government no longer had […]

The Soul Game by K.T. McQueen

You can have what you Desire, when you play The Soul Game. You will receive exactly what you need in abundance, for the rest of your mortal life. You will, by playing The Soul Game just once, acquire one of the life enhancing benefits mentioned above. Without the usual lifelong hard graft and insecurities you […]

Friday: The Day I Realised I would have to Save Myself by Desy Melza

With the chip permanently implanted in her brain Bliss Cardigan is on the run. She can’t stay in the City and she doesn’t know how to survive in Neversee – the place beyond the City Wall. With boots that aren’t hers, no knowledge of how to hunt for food, and only the chip to guide […]

Stars by K.T. McQueen

Joss was a normal, regular girl, with big dreams and high hopes. A fascination with the supernatural led her to make a deal with her parents after she lost her job. They wanted her to experience life and go to University. She wanted to be a world famous ghost hunter, if only her youtube channel […]