Blacked Out – Novella by Kate Trinity

Between Sheriff of the Eternal Law & Becoming the Demon

I was a little slow writing the third book in the Deanna series and wrote a short story called Blacked Out in between. I think I needed to take a step back at the time to look at the bigger picture. Writing something shorter and different helped get me back on track. Unedited by anyone but me (gosh those early days were eager and unknowing) this is a raw, short novella that gives a little glance into the strangeness of my mind.

A strange tale about a girl who has a car accident whilst going to visit her brother. With some unexpected twists and turns, this story leads you along those unmapped roads often found when you take a wrong turn.
And then there are the strange creatures in the woods, that seem to follow her. What is real and what has she imagined?

Blacked Out



What would you do if you woke up alone in a car, after an accident that saw your vehicle have a collision with a tree.
There are no other vehicles and you must save yourself.
The creatures in the forest are watching you, you don’t know what they are but you know that they are thirsty.
What would you do if you saved yourself and then woke up to find yourself back in the vehicle?

[Updated January 8th 2018]