I thought I’d already told you this….

Hi all, hope you are nice and warm wherever you are. It is currently -5C where I am and I’ve already been out.
I plan on doing loads of writing today to keep my fingers warm.
Anyway to the thing I thought I’d already told you but haven’t. The book I mentioned in my last post is now finished and the whole thing has gone to the editor. Who is doing his best to get it back to me as soon as possible, or so he tells me 🙂
The cover is ready, so as soon as it comes back I can give it a final read through and publish it.
I am almost finished another book which is what I will be writing today. It is a short story of around 25,000-30,000 words (estimated as I haven’t finished yet). So I hope to have that one up soon too.

I have an idea for the next book and would like to attempt a horror after that but I want to gather information on what really frightens people. So if you have a particular fear or there is a specific scene in a horror movie that gave you nightmares let me know!

Anyway gotta get on, keep warm and if you are lucky enough to not go out through this cold month take a look at ‘A Day in the Life of Nora Bee – Witch’ which I have just reduced the price of.

Kate xxx



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