Consider the Alien – It may be considering you

If the truth is out there are we living a lie?

With so many alien encounter stories hanging around my social feeds of late I couldn’t help but be drawn in. The whole idea that there are other species out there is fascinating to me. Are they the same as us? Do they live with the same values and needs? Are they more advanced? Or did they simply take a left turn when we went right?

Now I’m not a alien enthusiast or anything. But I can’t say there haven’t been times I’ve wondered why my bedroom has been lit up by something outside, emitting no sound (like the police helicopter would do if it was shining it’s daylight beam in my window). Although, peculiarly, I don’t find the idea of there being aliens strange. It is entirely possible. We are discovering new things about our existence everyday. Only recently was Kepler-452b discovered and said to be Earth’s older & bigger cousin. What are the chances that life didn’t develop?

And that’s only one planet out of the millions there could be. If life exists on planets unlike our own the forms those aliens take could be entirely different from ours. Most of the questions about aliens that we have, have been pondered endlessly in numerous movies and books. On blogs, in magazines, TV shows, and in pubs, the world over.

Any story is met with equal measures of uncertainty and fascination. We want to believe but what that could mean keeps most of us quite content not to know. We are most definitely not technically advanced enough to go find out -to explore what might be out there- although I’m sure we are on our way. But perhaps that, beyond any other reason, is why aliens haven’t truly made contact with us yet. What if there is some sort of intergalactic law that says a species or planet has to have a certain level of technical ability to allow contact to be made. What if it’s all some sort of test?

There are definitely more questions than there are answers where aliens are concerned. Although the more we learn about the galaxy and beyond it seems more and more unlikely that there is only our species.

But I’m no expert.

So here are my fav alien inspired movies and TV shows

  • The Matrix (yes it’s about aliens)
  • Alien (& the films that followed)
  • X-Files
  • Red Dwarf
  • Mars Attacks!
  • Paul
  • Star Trek

And my go to website? YUFO (and they’re on Facebook too)

Keep watching the skies people – or the keyboard whilst you type your next Alien inspired book 😉

Kate xxx

P.S. What’s your view on alien encounters? Let me know in the comments & don’t forget to share so others can join in the conversation.