Horror Gifts That Should Be On Your List (of things to get me)

Christmas Shopping IS Scary!

You spend hours preparing (or I do anyway) there’s the list to write -who you’re buying for not the stuff you want- separated into sections (family, kids, friends) and price limits to set. And that’s before you even get to the going shopping part. Horror gifts aren’t just for horror fans. They can be bought for anyone who likes movies, a bit of a laugh, or is old enough to get a joke about some horror thing that was out years ago – come on, Retro is in!

So I thought I’d help you lovely people out by letting you in on my personal horror gift requests (some of which Santa will definitely be bringing me).

Santa Baby, stick a horror plushie under the tree, for me. Been an awful bad girl all year….now back away slowly, those cookies are for show.

My Top Ten Horror Gifts

1.) The Art of Horror : An Illustrated History  

horror gifts

This book doesn’t just look good it feels amazing. It’s perfect for someone who loves having their books on display. The art work has everything from movie posters to engravings to feast your eyes on. It’s quite a large book but would keep me quiet for a few hours (It’s on my list).

2) Frankenstein

by Mary Shelley and Illustrated by Harry Brockway

Frankenstein Horror Gifts

Another beautiful book to look at with amazing art work inside. But something like this could be the start of a tradition. You could buy a new volume each year and save yourself the trouble of guessing what to get. They would end up with a fabulous collection (that you may have to provide the book shelf for at some point) that looked amazing. With eBooks consumption levelling out there’s a return to books not only being something great to read but as interactive art in your home.


What would Christmas be without a teddy bear or toy under the tree? 

scary bear horror gifts

You can get this for those teenagers that aren’t quite out of toys completely, or your nerdy relative who has a shelf full of collectors edition toys -obviously they don’t call them toys, but we all know that they are really.

4) Handmade Psycho Soap

Psycho soap horror gifts

Not all presents have to be high priced, and sometimes you just need a little gift to have on hand for those surprise visitors – like your cousins new boyfriend you didn’t know was coming to the family thing. And the best thing about it is it’s made with ingredients that are good for the skin – you’re not just giving them something fun you’re thinking about their health and well-being.

A nice little stocking filler if I do say so myself. 

5) Octopus Candle Sticks – Obviously

octopus horror gifts

I adore these and have been adding them to my list every year and then crossing my fingers. The only thing that would make these even better would be a couple of different sized tentacle loops (to look like they were coming out and going back in to the “water”).

6) Jewellery – Name Necklace 

A girl likes a piece of jewellery at Christmas

horror gifts

Now I’m thinking Kate Trinity in my custom green would look rather good like this don’t you think? Or just the KT logo hanging from just the top of the K….

With a choice of colours and the potential to have a completely customized necklace made the possibilities are endless. Plus they’re also fairly funky so there’s another present in the bag.

7) Horror Movie Poster

horror gifts

Some of the older posters make great framed pieces. And whilst I like the more modern posters it just feels less stylish and more like I’m Sixteen and just playing at being a grown up. The older posters, framed, would be an interesting addition to kitchens, dining rooms, and hallways. Or in someone’s office or movie room – my friend made a spare bedroom into a movie room, that required movie posters for decoration. Wish I had a movie room and not just a lounge with a big TV and shelves of DVDs.

8) Christmas Jumpers

horror gifts

I love how this image impresses upon the viewer the general dislike of Christmas Jumpers, whilst suggesting that you wouldn’t want to let these guys know their jumpers were a little bit….love them, just love them to pieces. As a general rule I wouldn’t be seen…in clothes that were Christmas related. I would much rather spend my money on something I could wear at any time of year. But these ones might just change my mind.

9) The Walking Dead Board Game
horror gifts

Perfect for keeping those older kids occupied on Boxing Day. A nice game should prevent the boredom setting in and the grown ups can join in too, even if they’ve never even watched the show.

10) Magazine Subscriptions that don’t suck

horror gifts

You could consider subscribing your family horror fan to a monthly gore-fest and show them that you love them (or at least think of them more than the others) all year round. This is one magazine subscription I wouldn’t mind getting for Christmas. In fact I might even brag about it!

So there you have it

Horror gifts I wouldn’t mind getting for Christmas. They might just be the ideal thing for the horror lover you know. Or, you know, ideal for spending the cash that always seems to accumulate from those relatives that want to let you choose your own gift (and save themselves from turning into a Christmas zombie on the high street as they try to remember who the hell else they need to get for).

Kate xxx

P.S. If you’re getting someone a kindle (or just fancy hiding away till January) you might consider adding the Deanna Series to it: It is The Demon in Me & Sheriff of the Eternal Law (out on December 4th 2015)