The Exorcist & Crazyhead | First Impressions | #TheExorcistSyFy

October is really hotting up – Hell has come to UKTV

Both The Exorcist and Crazyhead started on the same night at the same time. How is a girl to decide which to watch? Did I miss a memo about Wednesday being Demon Day? I mean they do seem to rise on a Tuesday with Ash vs Evil Dead and Lucifer. So I guess it stands to reason they’d be causing even more havoc on a Wednesday. And then there’s Scream Queens at 10 on E4 too or HIM on ITV. And on Friday’s you’re going out for a drink with The Strain or trying new dishes with The Butcher in American Horror Story: Roanoke.

Crazyhead on E4 (or Netflix in the States)

Demons have to be faced, literally, as these two demon hunters come to terms with who they are. With warnings of extreme violence and bad language on the clips alone this promises to be an interesting ride.

If you’ve ever watched Misfits, this is by the same creator.

An unlikely friendship is born as Amy and Raquel attempt to navigate their way through the choppy waters of their early twenties whilst simultaneously kicking the ass of some seriously gnarly demons. What could possibly go wrong? – 4 Press

Have to say I totally loved the first episode. The weirdness, coupled with the mildly disastrous conversations, as a backdrop to some rather impressive demon effects just has me engrossed. Not going to give too much away as American Netflix isn’t showing it till after we’ve seen it <– Yeah you heard me right! We get this one first!!!

Some things are guessable, some things are questionable, and some thing will just blow your mind. Seriously – exorcisms aren’t done like that in the Exorcist!

The Exorcist screaming onto SyFy uk

We all remember the original movie don’t we? Pea soup projectile vomit, twizzling heads, and battling demons with a bible and some holy water? Nothing like how it’s done in Crazyhead! But you know, whatever you’ve got to hand I guess.

In all honesty it’s been a real long time since I last watched the movie. So whilst I’m aware that America is already ahead of us on this one I haven’t seen too many reviews or posts about it to give me any spoilers (okay, I was avoiding them!).

It was an interesting start. The mixture between the priest doing the exorcism and the priest who knows almost nothing about them coming into contact with the possibility of demons was intriguing. It feels as though there will be a lot of interesting characters and stories to keep up with, but my fav bit was when he went into the attic. Shined his phone torch at his side of the TV screen. And said my name…(Kate is short for Catherine, you know that right?) I was like, ‘erm yeah, I’m right here, just watching TV actually’.


Wednesday nights are a bit full but i’ll be keeping up with ALL OF THEM!


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