Help me Discover more Western Horror & Weird West

I’ve got a hankering for rainy duvet days…

Now you may have noticed I’ve been mixing up the horror with the westerns. And only recently discovered searching for the weird west, as well as western horror, could find me the golden nuggets I’ve been looking for. I’m pleased to discover it’s not as slim pickin’s as I thought.

However, I still don’t have the foggiest what’s good and what’s not, what’s old and what’s new, and who should go on the most wanted poster for crimes against the genre. There are good reviews and bad reviews and more than one way to mess up mixing horror with westerns.

So, with your help – you will help me won’t you? – I’m going to hunt down as much weird west and western horror (and I mean that in the ‘set in the 1800’s’ sense, not the ‘made in Europe or the US’ sense). I’m gonna watch, read, and review it.

Now I am aware not everyone likes reading review sites. So I intend to keep them short, only on a Tuesday, and in no way replacing the regular Friday post. But they might be interesting – finding the weird west I haven’t encountered or discovering that I had in fact watched some without realizing.

I have to say though, sometimes it seems like a blury line.

weird west

Help me Find the Weird West

If you have any weird west or western horror suggestions for movies or books I should look for let me know. Although I’ve done a good amount of digging, and have found one or two (I could hardly miss Bone Tomahawk could I?), I’d love to know what you’ve read, watched, enjoyed, hated, or -if you’re in the know- any up and coming titles in this genre I should keep an eye out for.

Then I’ll do my best to get a copy and spend some duvet time in it’s company. You could also tweet out your favorite #weirdwest movies and books -my Twitter handles are @KateTrinity & @AuthorKTMcQueen if you want to include me, or join me on Twitter.