Christmas Spirits: Dark Movies & Books to Dig Up

Christmas is Fast Approaching

If you’re like me you like your Christmas fairly dark. Dark nights, dark movies, dark books. I still put up the tree, still wrap presents, still pull crackers and sing Christmas tunes. I even got me an elf this year. But I’d rather listen to Carol of the Bells than Hear Comes Santa Claus. So I took a look around to see what movies and books where available to dig up and maybe raise your Christmas Spirits.

Raising Your Christmas Spirits

Movies to bite the heads off Gingerbread Men to


Krampus: The Christmas Devil – This Krampus is a 2013 Indie Film staring Bill Oberst Jr., Richard Goteri, & A.J. Leslie and is about a Detective who tries to find out who is kidnapping children every Christmas because as a child the same thing happened to him.

Black Adder’s Christmas Carol – Staring Rowan Atkinson, Tony Robinson, & Miranda Richardson this British Comedy was made in 1988 and is still good. A visit from a Christmas spirit (who you might recognise as Hargrid) convinces a kindly shop keeper to try out meanness.

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A Christmas Horror Story – Which I reviewed on Tuesday (here). is available on Prime

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KrampusKrampus, Christmas Spirits

It takes a lot to get a child  to give up the magic of Christmas, but when his family just can’t get along Max turns his back on the festivities and unleashes the wrath of Krampus.





A Christmas CarolA Christmas Carol, Christmas Spirits

Ebenezer Scrooge played by Patrick Stewart is one of my favourite versions of this story.

Scrooge finds himself alone in his office on Christmas Eve. He sees before him, the ghost of Jacob Marley.

Plenty of Christmas Spirits in this one.


Black Xmas, Christmas SpiritsBlack Xmas 

Eight college students and their sorority mother are living in a renovated old murder house. The killer has escaped from the mental institution and is heading back to the scene of his crime.

It wasn’t until I’d watched this a second time that it became one of my favourite Christmas movies – some things take a while to get under the skin I guess.


Books for when the power goes out

I don’t know about you but where we live there are occasional outages. For a long time they didn’t happen but the last few years has seen them occurring more frequently – we actually had one late Christmas Day one year. But after the novelty of staring out into the darkness and watching people gather in the shadows to discuss what could have possibly happened, you find a candle and grab a book. Or at least that’s what I do. And if your Kindle’s fully charged you don’t even need the candle.

The Woman in Black

Old stories are the best, right? The book of the movie, or the book the movie was based on I should say. Now is the time to find out how scary the original was – back when they had no electricity.




Full Dark, No Stars

There has to be a Stephen King in the mix. A series of novella’s to see you through the black outs and the family gatherings when everyone else is sleeping off dinner.




Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories 

A book of horror stories by different authors, including: Neil Gaiman, Kevin Lucia, Richard Thomas, and many more.

A book that takes you into the beauty of darkness – I’m about half way through and loving it. Each story is quite different and equally capable of twisting you up inside.



Unlike Previous Years…

I haven’t written a new short story this year as I’ve been focused on getting The Soul Game Ready for you. But I do have a couple of free reads from previous years. This one is last years: