The Noctisbellum Inc. Series

Noctisbellum Inc.

Noctisbellum Inc. was formed to further fringe science. To protect and defend those outside of regular society and those in need of safe harbour. In truth, to allow monsters to live amongst the humans without inciting pitchfork wielding locals to do something about it. Because pitchforks are no longer the weapon of choice.

Ruben Hellebore began his reign with a strict belief in cruelty and justice. Determined not to let those in power forsake all others for the accumulation of their own wealth and status. As times changed he changed with them and so did his company, although, should you displease him or break one of the rules you will be met with that same cruel justice. So if your desire is to be under Noctisbellum’s protection, want your right to exist upheld, and your freedom unquestioned, you must follow Noctisbellum Inc.’s rules.

The Noctisbellum Inc. Series in Order

  • Stars
  • Moon

Joss was a normal, regular girl, with big dreams and high hopes. A fascination with the supernatural led her to make a deal with her parents after she lost her job. They wanted her to experience life and go to University. She wanted to be a world famous ghost hunter, if only her youtube channel and webpage would get more hits. With the help of her two friends, Kyle and Rob, she would make a go of being a professional ghost hunter. Travel to distant lands and seek out the most haunted locations in the back of a camper.
With things seemingly going their way they arrive at their first location, a huge imposing castle, that’s never been investigated before. They go looking for ghosts, what they find is deadlier.

Stars, Noctisbellum

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A young woman returns with friends to the Romanian town where her family was attacked by werewolves decades ago and endeavours to end an ancient curse and save her ancestors and the town from more bloodshed.

Keep an eye out for Moon. The second instalment in the Noctisbellum series.