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It seemed like the start of a good date…

Skybound stars Rick Cosnett (The Flash, The Vampire Diaries), Gavin Stenhouse (Alliegence, Black Mirror), Morten Suurballe (A Perfect Day, The Killing), Scarlett Byrne (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince), and Tyler Fayose (Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation, The Method of Love).  And written and directed by  Alex Tavakoli. 

Unable to land their plane, the pilot, five passengers, and a stow away are forced to remain in the air when something goes wrong with their plane and they can’t contact air control. Discovering that a major disaster has happened on the ground, their mysterious stow away urges them not to land. But he is not what he seems. And they’re running out of time.

I want a plane with a water feature **spoilers ahead**

Well that was different! As someone who has never been on a plane, at all, ever, I had never wondered what would happen in a situation like that. And I spent almost the entire film worrying that they might not have enough fuel to make it to safety. At first they don’t believe it’s happening -wasting precious time coming up with a plan. Convinced there’s some logical explanation for the situation. And there is. It’s just not one they’re gonna like.


Skybound Review Conclusion

I might watch it again – Skybound is a strange film, dramatic, and with a good reason for everything that’s happening. I felt the dialogue was a little staged – that is to say, not necessarily the way people would talk. And on occasion, lacking conviction.  But, I enjoyed it – I only had to hide under the desk once. If you like action based, natural disaster movies, with a bit of a twist, this is one to watch.

4 stars 

Available from today 7th Nov on VOD

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