9 Natural Disaster Movies to Take Your Mind off the Killer Asteroid

If you haven’t heard yet there is a Killer Asteroid on the way towards us and we’re all in…well, look, no one actually knows when it might hit. It’s happened before, it’ll probably happen again. Just one of them facts of existence things. And whilst it’s a scary prospect that a big space rock might one day come hurtling at our pretty plant, what you can YOU actually do about it?

But to make you feel like you might have a chance at saving the world, here are nine Natural Disaster Movies to inspire the hero in you -go get that space rock!

Natural Disaster Movies to Take Your Mind off the Killer Asteroid

Something Terrible is Happening! | Natural Disaster Movies

Into The Storm

There isn’t a meteor but there is a flying cow. Ravaged by an onslaught of tornadoes an entire town is at the mercy of the deadly cyclones and everyone must work together to get to safety.


When something goes wrong with the satellites that control the climate and prevent natural disasters they must race to find the threat before a geostorm engulfs the planet.

The Wave

Water, it’ll sweep you away. A rock slide causes a Tsunami to sweep over the Norwegian village of Geiranger and they have only ten minutes to grab what they can and get to the hills and safety.


We’ve all seen how a regular volcano can disrupt the lives of people across whole countries but what if it was a supervolcano? A BBC docudrama explores the impact of the supervolcano under Yellowstone National Park erupting. The last eruption plunged the world into darkness. This is set in the not too distant future -2020 -argh!


Obviously, there’s a big space rock in this one. An asteroid the size of Texas is heading for earth and only a small team of space cowboys with a US Military Nuclear warhead can stop it.

Deep Impact

And there’s another one, see it is possible if you’re a brave space dude. The impending impact of a enormous comet headed on a direct course for earth starts a countdown and the world is watching as a team is sent to try to stop it.

Twister | One of my all time fav Natural Disaster Movies

Where the cow spotting began, there was no way this one wasn’t going on the list. Tornado chasers on a quest to get their new scientific equipment in the centre of one of the tornadoes.

The Impossible

Another wave based movie, this time its based on a true story set during the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

San Andreas

This one has the Rock but not a rock. The San Andreas fault triggers a massive magnitude 9 earthquake and a rescue helicopter pilot, played by Dwayne Johnson, must get to San Francisco to save his daughter.

Good Luck!

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