7 Movies I Watched but Didn’t Review – How many have you seen?

Seven Movies I Watched recently that I liked

Whilst I review movies every Tuesday you should know that I watch way more than just one movie a week. Here are some of the better un-reviewed movies I’ve watched recently. And what I thought of them. Just in case you were trying to decide what to stay in and watch this weekend.

  1. The Shallows
  2. The Girl on the Train
  3. Mr Right
  4. The Circle
  5. John Wick Chapter 2 (again)
  6. Tell Me How I Die
  7. Black Mass

The Shallows ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I enjoyed it much more than I expected to, having read a number of reviews.Whilst we all long to do things on our own there’s always that uncertainty when there’s no one around to help if things go wrong. I’ll definitely watch this one again.

The Girl on the Train ⭐⭐⭐

It was okay, it kept me wondering -although a large chunk of the time it was about why I was still watching. Whilst I enjoyed the story and it took a while to realise who the killer really was, I wasn’t glued to my screen trying to figure it out. Probably won’t watch this one again.

Mr Right ⭐⭐⭐⭐

If you like a dash of crazy love story in your hitman action movies this is the one for you. It delivered laughs, lows, a little sadness. A dash of clever waiting for it to happen stuff, and quite a lot of hitman stuff, and dinosaurs. Will definitely watch it again.

The Circle ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The new Netflix original is very interesting. A combination of thriller, satire, and beating the odds, The Circle is visually pleasing and well constructed this movie is worth watching.

John Wick Chapter 2 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A continuation straight from the previous movie this movie doesn’t disappoint on action or story. Although, and I say this with hand on heart and eyes closed, there were a couple of times I thought the action went on too long. However, I did watch it again just to make sure I agreed with my initial assessment. I did, but it was even better the second time. Wonder if his car will be fixed by the end of the third one.

Tell Me How I Die ⭐⭐⭐

It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. There were a few continuity issues with the way the drug worked. And a few not completely believable incidents. But I still enjoyed watching it, it was well shot, and it kept me watching.

Black Mass ⭐⭐⭐

The Whitey Bulger story with Johnny Depp. It was long, pretty average as far as true stories go, and filled with big names with small parts. I think they tried to do too much with this story. Characters would disappear and all you’d get is a spoken explanation. Time jumps that weren’t obvious and conversations that did nothing to move the story forward. It was well filmed and looked good, and if it had been a series they would have been able to give the viewer more of the story. It would have been better as a series.

Where did I watch them?

Well, for the most part, on Amazon Prime, NowTV, and Netflix

Netflix has amazing originals and a decent amount of new releases. Disappointed to learn there wouldn’t be another series of Sense8 recently but I’m sure they’ll surprise us with other things. I hear they are doing another comic book hero series too, so that will be interesting to watch. You can also sign up and watch for free for a month right now.

NowTV is a good way of seeing a varied range of movies, everything from old favourites and classics to recent releases. And easy to dip in and out of as there’s no contract. Plus, you can have the entertainment package for all the latest shows. I’ve heard that the SyFy channel will be added to the package next year – which is cool. NowTV will give you a 14 day free trial on the package of your choice but you may need to purchase a NowTV box to start watching.

Amazon Prime also have really good originals and you get to help choose which ones they make, simply watch the pilot episodes and vote. It’s all one package on Amazon so you get TV and movies to browse through. You can also watch a number of other movie streaming sites through your fire stick -like Shudder- which you sign into and pay for individually (i.e. not included in the Prime Membership). Amazon Prime is a little more pricey but worth it with all the other benefits I think. You can buy a Fire Stick, Box, or simply watch from your computer or iPad. Click on the image to check out what the Fire Stick has to offer.

I was told by a little bird that it’s cheaper to use Amazon Prime, Netflix, and NowTV than to have a TV package with one of the big three. With the ability to drop NowTV or Netflix when there’s nothing much on, we’re away, or busy, I think it’s definitely going to prove to be cheaper. Especially since you can then set it going again when you want to watch again.

What movies have you watched recently and where did you watch them?