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Wanted to see Mom and Dad for ages, I do love a good Nicolas Cage movie and finally got my chance. Curled up on the sofa, tucked under a blanket against the cold, and totally engrossed. The cast are perfect, they mesh and clash just like you imagine a regular family would -of course, I have no idea what a regular family is. Regular is like normal, right? Normal, ha ha ha, what does that even mean.

Mom and Dad

In a peaceful suburban community, a wild hysteria takes place, causing parents to want to murder their children. A teenage girl and her little brother must survive a wild 24 hours as their parents try to kill them.

Starring Nicolas Cage (Face/Off, Mandy), Selma Blair (Hell Boy, American Crime Story), Anne Winters (Night School, 13 Reasons Why), Zachary Arthur (The 5th Wave, Transparent), Robert T. Cunningham (Knives and Skin), Olivia Crocicchia (Rescue Me, Accidental Love), and Lance Henrikson (Aliens, Hannibal).

Mom and Dad review

Mom and Dad Review Conclusion

I might watch it again – A really good fun movie, all the family feels. Everyone at home participating in the same activity, what’s not to love? I had some favourite bits, when Grandma and Grandad turned up, the coat hanger moment, Dad’s face as he opened the basement door. I think the only underwhelming part for me was the ending, it just didn’t feel like one.

4.5 Stars

Delectables to devour as you watch: I went with sausage rolls and homemade chips. You want something really homey, something nice your parents used to make when you got in from school. Egg and chips or spaghetti on toast might also be a good option.

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