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March Roundup

There have been some interesting developments this month and some great things to look forward to next month. Did you know there was going to be another season of Outcast and iZombie?

And this last week it’s been almost impossible to escape Pennywise the Clown, from IT. Luckily clowns don’t scare me – but I feel sorry for those who are scared of clowns, this week on social media must have been awful for you. Ah well, like I always say, if you want to be really scared by a movie go see the one about the thing you’re already afraid of.

TV Land: Iron Fist, Hap & Leonard

March has been a slow. Whilst not many new shows have started this month, those that began last month are still keeping us entertained -mostly. I did give up on Walking Dead a couple of episodes ago. I might come back to it one day but I just felt like I was wasting an hour every other Monday night – exciting, action packed episode one week followed by a slow filling in the gaps episode the next. But there are a couple of mention worthy new ones.

  • 12 Monkeys is now available on Netflix if you missed its TV airing
  • Lethal Weapon on ITV, which I haven’t watched yet 🙁

Iron Fist – Netflix

Some people are liking it others aren’t – I rather enjoyed it though. And I look forward to the next season and the Defenders with all the other Netflix band of heroes. I did think there were moments where he was channelling Keanu Reeves…did you watch it yet? What did you think?

Hap & Leonard Season 2 – Prime

Movie Land: Ghost in the Shell, The Love Witch, Get Out

  • Kong:Skull Island – March 10th
  • Logan – March 3rd
  • Ghost in the Shell – March 31st
  • The Love Witch – March 10th
  • Get Out – March 17th

News: IT, iHorror Awards

The iHorror Awards were drawn and we now know who won the coveted trophy (it’s so cool). So, here are this years winners – Congratulations to all of them:

  • Don’t Breath – Best Horror Film
  • Hush– Best Direct Release Horror
  • Train to Busan – Best Foreign Horror
  • The Conjuring 2 – Best Remake/Sequel
  • The Walking Dead – Best Horror Series
  • James Wan – Best Horror Director
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead – Best Actress Horror Movie
  • John Goodman – Best Actor Horror Movie
  • Winona Ryder – Best Actress Horror Series
  • Bruce Campbell – Best Actor Horror Series
  • Lights Out – Fan Favourite
  • Curve – Best Horror Short
  • Shortwave – Best Indie Horror
  • Thomas Anderson – Best Horror Photography
  • Book of Nightmares – Best Horror Screenplay

IT has taken over the internet it would seem – with a poster and a trailer having been released, and everyone sharing and talking about it, I can’t wait to see it. Released in the UK in September it’s gonna be a bit of a wait but we can hold on, can’t we?

via IMDb

Upcoming for April: iZombie, The Belko Experiment, & Outcast

An interesting looking bunch of entertainment in store for April. Shame we have to wait so long for American Gods 🙁 but can’t wait to see The Belko Experiment or iZombie Season 3.

Movies for April:

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 – April 28th
  • The Belko Experiment – April 21st
  • Raw – April 7th
  • A Dark Song – April 3rd

Also in the UK on TV:

  • Outcast – Season 2 – Fox April 3rd
  • iZombie – Season 3 – Netflix April 5th
  • Bates Motel – Final Season – Universal April 11th
  • Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Return – Season 1 – Netflix April 14th
  • Doctor Who – Season 10 – BBC April 15th
  • American Gods – Prime – sorry guys this won’t be with us until May 1st

So April’s looking pretty good. Happy Viewing.

What say you?

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