Manhunt: Lone Wolf

The second season of the Manhunt series is about the Atlanta Olympics bombings. In 1996, Eric Rudolph set off a series of large bombs before disappearing into the wilderness. Sparking the largest manhunt in America. And bringing to the attention of the public one security guard, Richard Jewell, who found one of the devices and saved hundreds of people.

Starring Jack Huston and Cameron Britton (who you might recognise from Mindhunter), series 2 which could also see Carla Gugino as the main female lead. A casting call recently went out for extras on their Pittsburgh June to October shoot. With the season premiere airing in 2020.

Manhunt: Lone Wolf details

The Lone Wolf | Eric Rudolph

Also known as the Olympic Park Bomber, Eric Rudolph killed 2 people and injured over 120 others between 1996 and 1998 through anit-abortion and anti-gay motivated bombings. The manhunt for the suspected bomber lasted five years whilst Rudolph hid out in the mountains after bombing five sites. He was arrested in May 2003 as he was rummaging through garbage.

On July 27th, Rudolph planted a bomb Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia. One person was killed and more than 100 injured. Rudolph then went on to bomb three more locations, resulting in the death of a police officer and further injuries. He had an additional 250 pounds of dynamite stashed away.

Richard Jewell

A police officer and security guard working for AT&T, he was falsely identified as the prime suspect in the Olympic Park Bombing. He discovered the backpack filled with three pipe-bombs on the park grounds and alerted police, helping to evacuate people before the bomb went off. Initially hailed a hero he was later considered a suspect by the media as a result of bad information. The resulting trial by media placed a huge toll on his personal and professional life and he was eventually exonerated and thanked for his bravery.

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